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It was a cold chilly night. The air was still crisp from the rolling of autumn to winter. Leaves of tangerines and squash colors blew in from the park trees to dress the roads in a even gown of sunset hues. The moon was large in it's low glow of depression watching the roads with it's wide eye from it's past witnessing of nothing pleasant that could happen in the shadows of it's presences. The roads were ghostly, almost abandoned in viewing, so silent and bare that if you were to drop a pin to the pavement that the sound would be loud enough to hear a mile away. In this late setting the time had to be around twelve o'clock, the witching hour were most believe evil things happen, that one should be indoors where safe from harms hand.

Clack. Click. Clack. Silences hushed into a faint whisper of foot steps, light and brisk as they stepped on the leaves with a whiny crunch. The walker wasn't big, very petite and only stood to about five feet like most. She was at peace, she took please in nights where she was all alone and didn't have to hear snood remarks of judgement. At that moment she could think of thousands people would mumble or if rude enough to say to her face, one maybe being 'The only thing I can she of you is your eyes and teeth.' Of course these things stung some, barely now from the harassment she's gotten her while life that couldn't be any worse than the beatings she received when deserved. Through all of it though she had always kept her anger and bitterness inside to remain a humble servant that in return brought her trust. Unlike most of her fellow works her master would let her out to run errands with the satisfaction of knowing she'd always return.

That night the young woman had been out to buy some milk, eggs, and biscuits for her master without any questioning like always. Turning to the small bakery where she normally shop she stopped to stare at the closed sign. Frustrated with the fact she cuffed her hands around her eyes as she pushed her self to peer in with no luck to find any living host inside. Huffing she knew there was no point to linger, it was time to return home. Taking a few steps back she bumped into something. Spinning around she had stepped into a man that had seemed to just had snuck up on her. With a squint if her eyes she couldn't make our his face, but he was much large than her in size as he breathed life into the night chill.

"What do you want?" Booming the shaky question in her thick accent that reached the stars it was rushed with a blood crawling yell for help deep into the night as hands constricted around her neck. She kicked and wailed trying to free herself, but instead his grip just tightened around her throat until she almost fainted, but instead he released her. Dropping to her knees the skin busted and bleed in small streams as she coughed trying to catch the breath she was now being allowed. It didn't take long for her yelling to stretch throughout the area when she could. She tried to get up, but the large figure instead grabbed her by her thick nappy black hair and pulled her into an alley slinging her against a brick wall. Hitting her head with a great force the world went out of the girls grasp.

In the morning as the sun flickered rays of grim the slave woman had been found dismembered in the alley with no trace of blood, besides the two dried streams that had been left on the side walk. The order of the dismemberment from bottom to top was torso, calfs and feet, thighs, both arms, hands, then her head with closed eyes and the letter E painted with perfect strokes from red paint.

Scotland Yard is baffled, confused, and unsure if this man of the night will strike again and killer, all are instructed to stay inside when night comes around until this madman is stopped. Lock your doors, put locks on your windows, always have your guns loaded.

The Daily Telegraph, March 14th, 1891


A large bang flew through the manor as someone pounded on the door. As the door swung open a man was on the other side holding a shack of mail. "For the young earl." Holding out the mail it was taken by a butler. "Thank you." Saying so with a bow he shut the door behind him. With the bag he trailed off to his room to shift out the mail like always, making sure it was safe for his master to open and what importance it held to him. Sighing he poured the content to the floor letting it spill like water from a cup. "A thousand letters." His estimating was almost spot on as he picked up his letter opener from his dresser and a random envelope of pale yellow sent from America, Georgia. Pulling out the inside paper he read over it with a smirk before putting it back. It was just one of many he read and of course in the bundle there had to be more important ones such as this.

Entering the master work place with a bow he stood in place waiting for instruction. "What's that?" Asking nonchalantly barely glancing up at his butler. Making his way to his master's side he set down the silver tray he had held on his shoulder, "Three letters of importance sir." Hearing the news made him raise a brow. Using his right index finger he spread the letters apart to see where they all came from. "The yellow one's from Georgia, the white from the queen, and the blue from Ms. Hallaway." The master looked over them but did not open or read them. "Would you like me to tell you what they consist of, Nicholas?" "Master." The correction only made the butler laugh, the two had been close throughout the years, he barely ever used the term verbally. "Well," he began to speak as he paced around the room, "the one from the queen, the most important, is she fears there's a murder on the loose. Four slave women have already been found all killed in the same manner, in an alley, and discovered in the same laying pattern-" "Laying pattern?" "Yes. Torso, calfs and feet, thighs, both arms, hands, then the head marked with a red painted letter. So far the letters, in order, are E, N, S, E. Scotland Yard is baffled, men worried their slaves will be killed, and the queen fears for her people, she wants you to stop this killer." Nicholas his arm on his desk letting his head rest on his palm.

"What about Gracie?" "Ms. Gracie's parents are traveling to France for some business and asked if their daughter could stay here-" "No." "She's already on her way and if you were to say 'no' to them they'd stop doing business with you." The butler chuckled at Nicholas' childlike tendencies at times. "She's your fiancé, why would you deny her a play to stay?" Of course John already knew his employer took no interest in the girl besides that he would get her fathers booming alcohol business once they married. The two kids had been close as kids though, the families seemed to live together, but after the accident when Nicholas returned he wanted nothing to do with most, expect the strange two new butlers he brought back with him after his year if disappearing. "She's a nuisances always bubbling and bouncing around with that stupid girl Adeline." The butler just rolled his eyes, he happened to like Adeline, she was a good little helper when it came to things he needed done.

"John, just move to the last!" Barking his order John slowly let his merrymaking fade. "And the last is from one of your best partners, Mr. Delaware. He has passed and left you something in his will." The room grew silent as John smirked. "Well what is it?" Demanding an answer he turned to face John. "A slave." "What about a slave?" In came another butler looking very similar, but younger than the other. "Don't interrupt, Chase, now finish what the letter said." Chase stopped his questioning as John took back center stage. "The Delaware estate was burned to the ground after rumor spread he was in relation with one of his slaves. In his will he gave all his slaves to you-" "What was their name?" Chase tried his best not to strain his voice as he spoke to not seem suspicious, "Genessee, but why does it matter? She was the only survivor, a house slave her whole life. The girls already in England, Nicholas. The letter arrived today, but how the letter reads she's probably been here for a week. Chase, you should fetch her." Chase's face grew a smile, "I'll be back with the girl then shortly, but first where is she?" "This letter doesn't say, and with her being a slave most wouldn't take her in. I guess just ask around to someone says they know where she is, that's your best hope." Bowing Chase took his leave to go get his old friend.


Nicholas Owner Cooper || 16 || Queens [i]Guard Dog' || Ben Barnes || Open
He was born a happy child always at his parents side and had a close bound with Gracie Hathaway, but the smooth sailing didn't last as long as everyone hoped. On the night of his thirteenth birthday his home caught fire, or more like someone set fire to it. He had been in his bed sleeping and woke to the sound of his screaming father as he lifted him from his bed. Their home had been under attack by someone that wanted their fortune that his father had made from the family toy company, Cooper's Play Pin, and the plantation his father had owned where they grew indigo and cotton. With him in his father's arms the two for captured and thrown into his parents bedroom where his mother already was. When all three were herded into the room they were forced to their knees where they were held at gun point. First he watched his mother die, his father, but before the gun had shot him some of the ceiling collapsed encasing the intruders. With little time Nicholas climbed from his parents window to the safety of the snow below. Once he was safer he fled into the woods. He ran and ran and ran until he came upon a village in the outskirts of London. In the village he met John Bradshaw. They allowed the small boy to stay with them, and from his young age told him his story. Once hearing it they promised they'd help him get his revenge. A year later they returned to the Cooper Manor that had been redone since he had left. When he got back he took charge of the house hold, the family business, and being the 'Guard Dog' for the queen, meaning whatever she told him to do he would. With that job he does the underground work: finding towns that sacrifice their own, prisoning cults, and other cases Scotland Yard couldn't solve, like serial killers. Since the accident he's grown cold and reserved, he tends to stay to himself and prefers to be away from others. He does happen to have a softer side towards John and Chase for helping him.
He's planning revenge on whomever killed his parents along side John and Chase, they're close to finding the trail the intruders left behind.

John Lee Bradshaw || 34 || Head Butler || Robert Downey Jr. || Open
Things were peacefully but changed for him when he turned seven; his mother had died during child birth. With this his father became harder on John, mainly because a knew baby and a dead wife meant less money came in for his drinking. As years passed John grew protective over his younger brother, whenever his father wanted to punish the youngest John would take it instead. By the time John was sixteen his father tried killing his younger brother, Chase, so in return John killed him before he got the chance. The killing had felt good to John, he liked how it felt to take a life. With this he felt power. Forming this new interest he started killing random prostitutes at night, feeling like no one would care. One night he brought his brother. As he got into his twenties he stopped the madness and instead began to drink and do drugs, and this causes Chase to leave him. As the years passed and a feel of madness taken over he decided that one more kill wouldn't hurt. The twenty-one year old took a knife with him to do the deed, but during the act was caught by a queens guard. His first instinct was to kill him too, but before he could the man asked if he was capable of killing a family the queen wanted out of the picture. Of course he did from the help of a few men the queen provided, but to his dismay he couldn't kill the small child; he reminded him to much of his brother when they were kids. Letting the child escape he returned back to the village he had taken to after his brother had left he came across the small boy he had tried to kill. Letting the boy stay with him he promised he'd help him with all work the queen gave to him and would help him find his parents killer from regret. By doing this he'd kill all the men that helped him, of course not himself. His a very secretive man and always carries that feel even though no one can ever pinpoint it. He's rather harsh, ruthless, and heartless, minus the feelings he has towards his brother and Nicholas, but these are sides he usually doesn't let show. He puts on an act of the charming seductive butler to most.
He's the one that killed Nicholas' parents.

Chase Eric Bradshaw || 27 || Butler || Ian Somerhalder || Open
His life wasn't as horrible as John would describe it to be, maybe because through most of it he was so young. He worked with his brother on street corners just to make a few pounds, nothing to big. He grew up hating his father though, he never had a hand laid in him because John always took his punishments. He always had the most good out of the family because John gave him most of his own, his always had the best of their raggedy clothes as well. He could be considered spoiled in such a low class family. As time progresses he noticed how much scorn his brother had towards their father, enough to kill him, and this had scared him. He didn't like his dad, but in a way resented John for doing it. As they grew older John would leave for a large sum of the time at night leave Chase alone, until one night he allowed Chase to tag along. With his still naïve type night he agreed to come and took lesson of what his brother was teaching and did as directed to the poor woman that screamed out in pain in fear. Unlike John he didn't take as much pleasure, but still joined him to do it until he reached the age of fourteen. His brother was twenty-one and the two had moved to a village so it was less likely for them to get caught. John began drinking and doing drugs and it was over baring to Chase so he left. For a while he had no place to go, but with luck ran into a man named Edger that offered him a job at his plantation, a job to watch over his two children, the oldest nine and the youngest three. Unable to get work anywhere else he agreed and took the voyage over to America. There he helped raise the two children, but he always had a closer relationship with the youngest, Genessee. She had been the first African American child he'd ever seen, maybe that's why she was so special. He called the child Little Blue Bird and slowly began falling in love with her through the years. He planned on staying at the plantation until the day he received a letter from his brother stating how he had been hired to kill himself. Finding the amusement he said his said goodbyes and returned to England. When arriving he helped make circles in finding the killer, but as he stayed in England he felt depressed being away from America and began going mad. Two years after leaving he began killing slave women, marking them with letters, the letters would one day spell out a message, a message he was waiting to figure out himself. All he knew is the killings relaxed him and he wanted to so more, so he did and shall. Chase is a lot like his brother: sly, charming, seductive, blood crazed, now even more than John, but knows how to hide it. He's extremely self centered and only seems to care for Genessee, but also softens for her brother, Elliot.
He's the Black King.

Elliot Jason Delaware || 21|| Butler || Matt Bomer || Taken
He was born a Momma's Boy. As a young child he could always be found at her side asking questions of how her life was in Africa before she met their father. To him his mom was his everything, for he never cared to much about his father even though he did love him. At the age of seven he was blessed with a baby sister that he also did grow attached to, but not like his mother. It wasn't long that his mother caught an illness that private doctors didn't know how to cure, forcing him to keep distances from her. When his ninth birthday came to be his father had returned from London bringing back a stranger. At first he didn't like him, afraid the man would be one of the ignorant people that would try to hurt his sister. He tried to run the fourteen year old off, but when realizing how much he cares for his infant and himself he grew attached to him. As the years passed the three grew close, but he drew away some to keep his mind on his studies that his father pushed him so hard to do. Elliot was ways also under a lot of stress from this as he came to be around the age of ten. In March, at the time he was eighteen, his mother had died from heart failure. He had been close to her, causing her death to take a toll on him. This threw him into a depression that no one could pull him out from. From this he began to heavily drink at bars in the local town. His father felt sorry for him and knew how hard it was for him to stay in the home, so secretly he had written a letter to a good business company asking if he son could have a job there. The following year the response returned with a 'yes'. He had never worked a day in his life, but he likes the thought of not having everything done for him. Instead he would be helping another and went to London to work for the Cooper's. When working for the Cooper's things seemed to lighten up once he began working, but his drinking seemed to become heavier. Going to taverns he would intoxicate himself heavily late at night when most were gone. At times he would go in just as the bartenders were leaving, meaning only him and a waitress or two were left alone. Acting on his drunkness he'd sometimes rape these women. If I woman were to report him he'd be luck if his name wasn't known, meaning he couldn't get caught for his crime, but his appearance was recognizable from his eyes. Police would come to the Cooper Manor looking for him, but with the great power Lord Cooper held he'd always send them away always claiming it wasn't Elliot even though he knew it was. The night of the fire at the Cooper he had been away with April in France where she was attending a meeting, upon returning he returned home in Georgia until the manor had been rebuilt and worked for the woman until Nicholas returned taking over. With Nicholas in charge Elliot did have the slip ups of raping; Nicholas was not fine with this like his father had been. Elliot was warned if it happened again he would be reported for all his crimes and sent away. Aside from his mistakes his a very kind man that cares for most and goes out of his way to make others happy, but deep down inside he still feels depressed about his mothers death and what he did to the poor women he over powered.
When intoxicating in the past he had the tendency to rape women.

Mondu Savy || 41 || Butler || Will Smith || Open
Born in America he was birthed to a life of slavery to the Hathaway family. Beat he was when he did not listen, something he felt like he never deserved. By the age of six he was working along side his father, mother, and three sisters in the heat of the sun in the cotton fields plucking the small balls then cleaning them out. Singing spirituals helped the time pass by for the boy, helping him forget the fact that he was being beat and witnessed the same fate for his family. When the muscular boy was sixteen he watched one of the spectators rape his youngest sister and from rage he killed the man by beating his head in with his bare hands. For this he received 100 whippings and was to be killed. A gun had been raised to his head and before the shoot could be fired someone told the gunman to stop. It had been Mr. Cooper, Alex Cooper, who had stopped Mondu from being killed. Feeling sorrow for the teen Alex told the Hathaway family he would take him to work for his family instead. The Hathaway's didn't much agree, but they allowed it. Moving in with the Cooper's was best for him. He was no longer treated as a slave, he had become a butler for the family, of course there was months of training involved. After a time he got a little to fond of Ms. Cooper and soon the two branched an affair. Months after their affair the household discovered that Ms. Cooper was pregnant, a joyous moment for most, but a fear for the woman. She went to Mondu scared, telling him he had to be the father because her and her husband had tried for years without success. She begged Mondu to run away, knowing when the dark skinned child was born he'd be killed, but he didn't flee. He stayed with the family through the tenth month pregnancy until the small, pale, fragile infant was born. Luckily for him the child was of white skin, but his course brown eyes was a sign that possibly the child was his. Through the years he kept his distances, he couldn't bare to he around the child he could not claim, the child that as he ages will boss him around like a slave. The thought brought pain, but he didn't let it interfere with his work. On the birthday of Nicholas he had been out attending to Ms. June over in France for her work and with another drastic turn they had just arrived back to the manor as it was burning down in flames. With passing years he knew his old lover and son had died in the flames leaving him without a family until two years later when the young man returned to run the estate. With his return he served him like a butler, nothing more an nothing less. Mondu is a kind man, with little knowledge, but an extremely large heart.
Is the biological father of Nicholas Cooper.

Genessee Maria Delaware || 15 || Slave || Nina Dobrev || Taken
It was by fate that a young child of her ethnic group could be birthed into such status. Born to Mr. and Ms. Delaware the girl was immediately hidden at birth from all that could not be trusted, for if any were to know about her birth her father's name would certainly be disgraced. In the Delaware Manor she was always to be kept inside deep within the home where she would be kept by her brother's watchful eyes while her father was away. Elliot and the girl were close in a way, he protected her, but he always had a fondness more towards her mother and with this when Chase arrived and was trusted by Elliot she fell to the side of the younger man. Being raised by Chase was her dearest memories, maybe because all she did as she aged was stay in the manor as her skin paled and only entertainment was learning. This was a good life though, for she never had to beg for things because they were simply given to the spoiled child. As time progressed her mother died, a thing that did sadden her, but she had never been close to the ill woman. Even though the death didn't hurt her directly it did cause her a great deal of pain. For a long time her father stayed away and her brother drank; she still had Chase through for a short time. When Elliot left he took what she loved most with her, the man that had raised her. Chase was like the father she didn't want to let go, but in the end she did. The leaving affected her more than, leaving the girl depressed. She found it hard to sleep, walking up screaming, and began to see things that weren't really there. Having an illness her father was afraid she was die to; something he could allow. Calling in an at home doctor he tried his best to treat her, but she seemed to be uncontrollable. Genessee became closed off, tried her best to never sleep and even stopped eating. Her doctor, Inda, talked her into eating some, helped her open back up. She couldn't let the man in, but she did start to trust him more than liked. Genessee even got close enough to him that the only way she could sleep is if he sat next to her on the bed. When night when she was sleeping she woke to the smell of smoke and an empty room. Getting up she started screaming for Inda and when trying to open the door it wouldn't budge. Starting to hear whispering voices and death threats she fell to her knees weeping and shortly passed out from both fear and the smoke. When she awake she was in England staying at the home of Inda's cousin, Sou, an undertaker and was informed of how everyone at the plantation had died besides her and Inda and how'd she go to work for the Cooper family as soon as the came for her. The confusion didn't help the broken girl, just made her more paranoid, but minus the quirks of the girl she's still caring and can give a smile of love to the ones she likes.
She's the secret daughter of Edger Delaware and sister to Elliot Delaware.

Gracie Amy Hathaway || 16 || Nicholas' Fiancé || || Open

June Alice Mase || 40 || Nicholas' Aunt || Ann Hathaway || Open

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