The Blackbird's Cry

The Blackbird's Cry

Board "The Blackbird's Cry", the most advanced starship ever constructed, and join its captain in exploring the unknown.

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A still more glorious dawn awaits
Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise
A morning filled with 400 billion suns
The rising of the milky way
— Carl Sagan, Cosmos


Welcome to the future:
You're at the feet of a space race unlike anything the world has ever seen. Starships of all shapes, sizes, and colors are being built at a fantastic rate. All five colonies - Luna, Mars, Titan, Europa, and even the distant Pluto - are being scoured for volunteers to board these ships and make their fortune among the stars. Untold wealth and fame awaits those brave (or crazy) enough to board these prototype crafts.

Not all is as it should be, of course. Fierce competition exists between the captains and their peers - competition that often breaks out into illegal skirmishes, sabotage, and even assassination. Born out of the haste and greed for money, the plotted routes are often fraught with danger. Piracy, hostile alien forces, and the cold vacuum await the madmen who make the jumps into the darkness between stars.


You are one of these volunteers. You have joined the crew of The Blackbird's Cry - a ship unlike any other. Forged from Mercurian metal by the legendary shipwright only known as Taiyō, the Cry's christening flight is already spoke of in hushed whispers, while other captains look on in jealousy. Unlike many others, the Cry was designed to not only survive space, but conquer it. That you have been chosen is an honor.

Or perhaps not.

Because although the ship herself is a wonder, the captain who you will be working under is anything but. Rumor would have you believe that the captain, who goes by the name Amaya Rose, sacrificed her entire crew on her last voyage so that she herself would survive. Being the only survivor of a doomed venture is chilling enough, but bad luck seems to follow Captain Rose like a habit. Over her career, all three ships she's controlled have been lost under her command, and with every flight, casualties occurred.

Have you signed your own death warrant? Only time will tell...


Strained to the breaking point after years of overpopulation, the citizens of the mother planet decided to spread to nearby planets and moons. This plan succeeded in a large part due to the efforts of private organizations, not governments, in funding these expeditions. This, in turn, has allowed a wide mix of culture and races to flourish together.

Your character is a resident of Earth or one of its five colonies in the solar system. Although your race and background are up to you, remember there is one thing that links you to this starship: the urge to explore the stars. Below are a brief history and description of the six residential areas, to help you create your character's history!

After the massive colonization efforts, Earth was fortunately not forgotten. Although still crowded, the planet is much cleaner now, and the new rise in space technology has left fewer areas of poverty. Despite this, there is a near inescapable feeling that the Earth's days are numbered - and a pressure is felt among the citizens of the Earth to find a new planet to live on that is not felt among the colonies. Main Focus: Weaponry

The first and largest colony, Mars' people are hard at work transforming the planet from a cold desert waste into farmland, with rivers and streams running throughout. Thanks to the work of the Tharsis Engineer Corp, the planet is slowly moving its orbit closer to the sun, a feat that would have seemed impossible a few centuries ago. Despite the growing population, the Martian colony retains its rural roots - no large skyscrapers dot the dunes, although underground bunkers remain popular. Main Focus: Agriculture / Engineering

The second colony, Titan's people do not actually live on the surface, finding the frozen ground even colder than the silence of space. Instead, the colony is built on a massive space station that sits near Saturn's moon. The distance from the sun and lack of heat gave rise to the vast array of mirrors and focal lens that give the Titan colony its distinctive look. These lens warm not only the station, but the planet, allowing the growth of modified flora to feed the burgeoning populace. Main Focus: Navigation

The ice moon of Jupiter, Europa's colony began, perhaps predictably, below the icy surface of the planet. The Europa Divers, as the group was first called, explored the subterranean depths of the glacier, and slowly but surely replaced the moon's core with an engine fueled by the nearby asteroid belt. This constant demand for resources has led them to become one of the explorers' top buyers for minerals and metals, but the immense furnace also powers the forges needed to build the transports and engines the explorers use. Main Focus: Maintenance

Despite being the "first step" for man, Luna was one of its last colonies. Indeed, many still consider it to be little but a subsidiary of Earth. That being said, Luna fiercely defends its independence, and prides itself on the colleges that have risen on it. Many would-be spacefarers have attended the prestigious academies, trained in all they need to know of navigation and medicine. Main Focus: Medicine / Navigation

Once a planet, then a rock, now a colony, Pluto was initially created by the outcasts of society. Although considerably rougher than other colonies, the men and women who hail from Pluto are often more prepared for the hardships of space travel. Many captains traditionally begin and end their travel at the Pluto station, calling Pluto "the gate to the galaxy." Main Focus: Maintenance / Weaponry

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[b]Home Colony: [/b] Choose one of the ones above!
[b]Occupation:[/b] Before they became a space explorer!

[b]Special Skills:[/b] Please include here if they have training in navigation, medicine, maintenance, or weaponry! Although your character does not need any of these, it may come in handy during the course of the RP!


To be the first to enter the cosmos,
to engage, single-handed, in an unprecedented duel with nature—
could one dream of anything more?

— Yuri Gagarin, Russian Cosmonaut

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Character Portrait: Mark (Mark-IX Albatross Earth Ver.) Character Portrait: Robert Langley

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Mark had offered a buzz of acknowledgement, a tone that indicated the processing and subsequent accepting of a request, familiar to those who had been around an Albatross unit before.

The robot had, however, not been told just where to meet up with Robert, though, oddly enough, instead of inquiring for further instruction, it instead had found it's way to deck four after the meeting had adjourned and simply awaited for Robert to arrive there the next day.

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Character Portrait: Emilia "M" Leibe Character Portrait: Leon Selig Character Portrait: Matias Kingsbury Character Portrait: Astraeus Economos

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Eco entered the mess hall, looking around the spacious room with a smile. It was probably going to be his favorite room, as it held his favorite pastime: eating.

Spying Leon in one corner, Eco gave a wave and walked over to the man.

"Mind if I take a seat?" he asked, giving the man a grin.


A knock on the door interrupted M's thoughts. Matias entered the room, looking around with bright eyes as he did.

"Nice place you have here," Matias said, smiling coolly. "Are you waiting to meet the science officer? Turns out he didn't show up. So we're having the Mark-IX fill in." Matias leaned back against one of the counters, folding his arms. "You were... a bounty hunter before this, right? An interesting background, if I may say so."

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Emilia "M" Leibe Character Portrait: Leon Selig Character Portrait: Matias Kingsbury Character Portrait: Astraeus Economos

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#, as written by Specmarine
As Eco entered the mess hall, Leon peered up from his game of cards. Solitaire by the looks of it after hearing him ask if he could take a seat. Leon motioned to the seat in front of him. "Help yourself, Grub is not being served yet but you can wait here until then if you feel like it. But something tells me if your sitting here, you wanna get to know the crew am I right?" He replied glancing back to the cards moving some around but looked back at Eco.

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Character Portrait: Nierra Ezran Character Portrait: Robert Langley Character Portrait: Draka

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Nierra was taken by surprise from Draka's sudden appearance in the corridor. At first glance she thought he was another Alkair, but the lack of response to her neurally-transmitted handshake protocol was telling. There hadn't been anything to receive it. Yet despite this, he appeared to be more technologically-integrated than the other humans, judging by the device he was manipulating to articulate speech.

Before she could even return the greeting, much less enquire about the gadget he held, their mutual colleague also happened to be passing by. "It is good to see you again too, Robert," Nierra replied to his warm welcome, making a mental note to ask the weapons techie about the ship's armaments later. "I certainly can't blame you for wanting to get a good look at this place. It really is so much more advanced than the human vessels I've seen so far." She turned her gaze back to the other engineer to study his suit a little further. "And this is the elusive Draka, hmm? Odd that we hadn't seen you in the briefing yesterday. Had you arrived here before the rest of us?"

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The Final Frontier

The Final Frontier by DarKnight36

"Space: the final frontier." How often have we heard that line?

Sol System

Sol System by DarKnight36

Welcome back to the cradle of humanity. You are safe here, among familiar planets and moons, among family and friends.

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The Final Frontier

The Final Frontier by DarKnight36

"Space: the final frontier." How often have we heard that line?

Sol System

Sol System by DarKnight36

Welcome back to the cradle of humanity. You are safe here, among familiar planets and moons, among family and friends.

The Final Frontier

"Space: the final frontier." How often have we heard that line?

Sol System

Welcome back to the cradle of humanity. You are safe here, among familiar planets and moons, among family and friends.

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