Space farer, gun-for-hire, and relentless survivor.

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ImageName: Draka
Sex: Male
Age: 37
Race: Human, potentially of Slavic descent

Physical Description: Most people will never be able to witness Draka's actual face, as he is perpetually enshrouded in his specialized, atmospheric suit. What they would see of him, however, is a still mostly human body, but heavily scarred. As a Caucasian, his skin tone was originally pale (paler still as he was born and raised on Pluto, with more limited sunlight available). But since his accident, every inch of his skin is a charred black color, but covered in hundreds of deep fissures that are a bright red, heavily contrasting each other, yet somehow almost fitting. The fissures almost appear as though they are open wounds, but they do not actually bleed at this point. Furthermore, both his iris's and sclera's have been turned red as a result of damage from his accident, though they do still function normally, at least when he wears his atmospheric suit.
Clothing: A brown leather trench coat (specially treated for the extreme temperatures of space), covering a specially designed "atmospheric suit" that Draka must wear at all times to properly survive. Along with this, he also wears a specialized atmospheric mask that can also act as a sort of "gas mask" at times.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 170lbs
Skin Color: Charred black, with hundreds of small "fissures" of bright red color
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Red

Home Colony: Pluto
Occupation: Mercenary

History/Bio: Draka grew up on Pluto without a lot of options. His family wasn't wealthy, and the kinds of jobs available on the planet weren't that promising without a more specialized education. Luckily Draka grew up to be fairly healthy and fit, a good candidate for security jobs, which he did for a few years, bouncing between different types of security jobs, for different companies. Not too long after he started to show his skills, a different kind of opportunity came up; a colonial gun for hire. Basically, Draka would be given contracts to go and provide protection (or sometimes the opposite) for new colonies that were being set up around the galaxy. He had the chance to see many new, sometimes strange worlds, fighting against alien beasts, competing mercs, and sometimes space itself.

Eventually, the jobs began to get more demanding. Corporations weren't keen on one-and-done soldiers, they wanted people more reliable, consistent, and dedicated to the more difficult colonial missions they had planned. This led to Draka being sent to a new colony, one that was habitable, but that had many conditions that weren't quite fit for human habitation. Because of this, they offered a considerable pay raise in exchange for him getting a little genetic manipulation done that would allow him to survive in the planet's atmosphere. Interestingly, the experiments had been relatively successful, but the corporation still had tinkering to do to allow him to survive in the standard atmosphere meant for humans as well. Furthermore, only some parts of the planet's atmosphere could properly sustain life. Other parts were essentially open to the void of space.

And that is how Draka met his fate. During an expedition to an uncharted portion of the planet Draka and his fellow colonial mercs were posted to, a shift in the ground had caused a small chasm to open up in the ground beneath the group. It wasn't too dangerous on it's own, but it forced a piece of rock to launch out and pierce through Draka's helmet and suit. The chemicals, lack of breathable air, atmospheric pressure, a whole host of forces hit him in an instant, crumpling his body and quickly ripping through his respiratory system. The team was able to react fast enough to save Draka's life, but not keep him entirely intact.

The merc did manage to heal over time, his bones and flesh returning to a state that was more livable, but the damage done to his respiratory system (with or without the genetic manipulation even) made the need for a specialized atmospheric suit almost a necessity. Additionally, the damage done means that Draka lost his natural ability for speech, so he has made up for this by including a simple piece of equipment to his suit that converts Morse code into artificial speech. It sounds robotic, monotone, and can't add any inflection or emotion into his speech, but it's a fast and effective system that allows him to keep up with conversation more quickly than sign language.

The accident has made life hard for Draka, but he's a survivor, and has only become more of one since then. Keeping himself alive is a much harder job than it once was, but he's become an expert in it, and his ability to kill hasn't dwindled in the slightest.

Special Skills: Draka is an expert in weapon's usage (firearms, battle suits, and most other conventional warfare tech), but has also become quite skillful in maintenance and repairs (a necessity for his suit). He's also a skilled survivalist (learned through his work as a merc on various colonies), and has also picked up some basic "battlefield" navigational and medical skills. Nothing more than stabilizing injuries or figuring out directions on a planet's surface, but useful nonetheless.

So begins...

Draka's Story

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"Welcome everyone, my name is Matias Kingsbury. I am head of security for Captain Amaya Rose and the Blackbird's Cry," Matias said, bowing slightly. "If you will follow me, I will show you to the ship. Captain Rose will be addressing us with a short speech, and confirming your designated stations aboard the Cry."

Matias led the group down the corridors, into a large glass foyer that showed the night sky above Mercury spread out above them. The foyer itself was full of people, bustling about, mostly ignoring the view, but to the newcomers, it was a breathtaking sight. The shipyards branched out like a tree, the glittering lights highlighting the skeletons of ships being built, strange spirits among the stars. But what really caught everyone's eye was the completed Blackbird's Cry, hanging just out the port window.

It was their first real glimpse of the ship, and as Eco put it, "Well now... that's a ship." The Blackbird's Cry was shaped like an arrowhead, the fore of the ship coming to a softened point underneath gleaming silver armor. Lights flickered on in the bridge, but the eyes were drawn to the massive engines on either side of the sleek wings. Glowing blue flame was just beginning to ignite deep within the engines' hearts.

"This way, officers," Matias reminded the group gently, leading them into an elevator that shot up into the shipyard itself. After a few moments, the elevator opened and once again the Cry was visible, this time much closer as they marched down another corridor that would lead them into the Cry herself.

Matias showed no hesitation as he reached the door and opened it with a quick press of his hand, and he continued to lead the group into the ship itself. The room they entered was a conference room, white walls for neutrality, with a desk and chairs that looked like they could be removed easily if need be.

"Please, have a seat," the woman standing inside said, and it didn't take much for the crew to recognize their captain: Amaya Rose. Dark blue eyes met each of the faces of her new crew, and Amaya stood still, straight as an arrow, as the group found their seats.

"Welcome aboard the Blackbird's Cry," Amaya said, her voice calm and rich, carrying to everyone in the room with ease. "I know many of you must be nervous, or excited, or even apprehensive. Perhaps you have heard of my record. Perhaps you do not feel qualified to be here."

Amaya paused and scanned the group, then continued. "As you all know, my name is Amaya Rose. Please address me as Captain at all times. Your first mate will be Astraeus Economos, although he prefers to be addressed as Eco. During our voyage, you may come to either one of us with any concerns or questions. I want to reassure all of you that you were chosen for this expedition for a reason. Your skills, your backgrounds, and your potential were all weighed into my final decision."

"The Blackbird's Cry is the most advanced starship currently built," Amaya said, pressing a flat button on the table that brought up a schematic of the Cry. "It's large but the rest of the crew is already on board and has been for about a week. They can help you if you get lost, but I hope you've also read over the debriefing. For those of you who may not have, our current mission is to head to Alpha Centauri. As humanity's first outpost, there is a certain import in arriving there."

Amaya pressed the button again and the schematic began highlighting certain areas as she spoke. "Let me quickly go over everyone's assignments.

"Lilian, you will be our main navigator. I will expect you up on the bridge tomorrow morning, but do note that once underway, you have another station at your disposal on deck two, bridge three.

"Tyson, you are the ship's doctor. Tomorrow morning, please report to the medical wing on deck two.

"M, you are our tech officer, and will report to the tech wing. You will work closely with our science officer, so please get to know him when you arrive, or if you happen to meet beforehand.

"Robert, you will be in charge of weapons maintenance. Please report to maintenance on deck four tomorrow morning.

"Nierra, it's good to see you again, and thank you again for coming. I've decided to put you down in the engineering wing of maintenance. You'll be working closely with Robert and our other maintenance officer, Draka.

"You have all met Matias, of course. Matias will be our security officer on board. If there's been a crime committed on board, please report it to him immediately. His office is located on deck three, along with crew quarters.

"Leon, I understand you're quite gifted in the culinary arts. I've asked you to report to the kitchen tomorrow morning to meet the rest of your staff. We'll all be counting on you to keep us healthy."

Amaya stopped and looked around at the group one last time, then smiled. "We have a great crew, and I am greatly looking forward to working with you all. Does anyone have any questions now, before we adjourn?"

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#, as written by DarKnight36
As the officers filtered out, Amaya Rose breathed a hidden sigh of relief. It appeared that although perhaps not perfect in their trust for her, the other crew members were excited or happy enough to be here to overlook the troublesome rumors that followed her... at least, for now.

Returning to her quarters, Amaya spent the night planning her speech for the next day. The crew would disembark for a few hours at Pluto for the traditional drink and meal, then head on the journey to Alpha Centauri. Alpha Centuari's system was 4.367 years away at the speed of light, but the trip would take them roughly 4.5 days. Most ships weren't capable of that speed, but the Blackbird's Cry could probably go even faster.

The next morning, Amaya was on the bridge, dressed and sounding the general alarm to ensure everyone was at their stations.

"Eco, give the order," Amaya said, settling into the bridge's chair and listening to the hissing of the dock as it prepared to release her ship from its hold.

"Final call, release dock clamps now," Eco said, and with a clunk, the shipyards did so. "Confirm, dock clamps are released."

"Confirmed, sir," came the reply from the communications officer, a young woman by the name of Fiora.

"Derek, take us out," Amaya said to their pilot. "Just like we rehearsed."

"Yes maam," Derek said, wiping his brow for a moment and nodding to his copilot. "Just like we rehearsed, Mel."

Together, Melanie and Derek guided the ship away from the shipyards, and Amaya smiled as a cheer rose up from Eco that resounded around the bridge.

"Igniting main engines," Derek said, and the hum of the engines filled the room, a comforting thrum that would become a staple for the crew on their long journey to the unknown. "Utilizing plotted course to Pluto."

The ship moved forward and Amaya nodded to the smooth transition, satisfied so far with the ship's performance. She pressed a button on her chair, opening comms for the rest of the ship.

"Congratulations, crew," Amaya said, the smile still on her lips. "We are underway to Pluto. Please feel free to bid farewell to any colonies you call home as we pass them, and if your duties permit, you are allowed to spend the time off-duty. Thank you, that is all."

"Can't wait to reach Pluto," Eco said, stretching. "Been too long since I had a good drink."

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#, as written by Sepokku
Pluto, I never imagined I'd go that far out in the system, let alone leave it. Lilian's mind raced as she watched the charted course to the planetoid at the far end of the Sol system. The hologram display was very similar to the ones back at the Luna Labs, only more realistic than could ever hoped to be achieved back home; hundreds or maybe thousands of tiny projectors rendered the route and any potential hazards along the way.

The mapping of hazards however was hopelessly advanced, perhaps even incorporated from foreign technology, the array of sensors seemed to give constant readings with less than a millisecond of lag, in a surprisingly large distance around the ship; probably to provide time for human error in reacting. It was a little hard for Lilian to get used to the idea that this would be her new career path, a navigator aboard the most advanced ship in the Galaxy, with Captain Rose who infamously already sunk three other Starships.

"Reporting for duty Captain Rose. I assume since we are still in the system, my navigation skills won't necessarily be needed today." Clearing her throat, the Navigation Officer continued, "Regardless I would still like time to work with the equipment for my own sake, if you do not mind."

Emilia sat impatiently in the Tech Wing, having slept very little and arrived very early. Helmet still on and wearing several layers of clothing under a buttoned lab-coat along with elbow-length black leather gloves. The lab was quite sufficient for her needs, though she brought along several things that no one not native to Luna ever seemed to have in their labs. Such things included Pyroxene, Ilmenite, and Olivine; along with her favorite Self-Seeding Free-Electron Laser Apparatus, or 'Sfecla' as she liked to call it. It was a complicated device involving a diamond Monochromator, and was also one of her revolutionary concepts that the Luna Military demanded the rights to, of course she said no; perhaps that is part of the reason why she is on this self-imposed exile.

A few other devices had came along to upkeep her suit, however none of this was on her mind currently, most things lay in her bags on the floor forgotten. Her mind was occupied with her fellow Science Officer, and what they would think of working with a weirdo who refused to take her helmet off, or if they would slow her down in her research. Flustered and impatient, she drummed her gloved fingers on a nearby counter. With a sigh, she asks herself in a low frustrated growl, "Where the HELL are you!?"

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Robert smiled to himself as the Captain announced their departure from Mercury, pleased he'd be able to give Earth one final wave farewell as they go past. He'd been listening to a little jazz as he worked on a damaged assault rifle. Listening to music helped him focus on his work, but also just kept him entertained, and this song definitely did. "Accentuate the Positive" by Bing Crosby. Robert would probably switch to a little classic rock later though, depending on his mood, which right now was quite pleased. He took a few sips of coffee he had sitting on the table, replacing a scorched barrel from the rifle he was fixing (somehow one of the round blew up in the chamber, made quite a mess too).

This was all a strange experience for Robert. The son of wealthy industrialists, on a state of the art ship, captained by a woman who'd lost no less than three ships in her past, flying to Pluto, and soon to Alpha Centauri. All this, and Robert had never even been off Earth. One might think him a bit sheltered, but he more than knew his way around mechanical things, weapons, business, all that kind of stuff. And what little he had explored of space, he had more than made up for in his explorations on Earth, all the hidden and forgotten nooks and crannies of the beautiful blue planet. He'd miss it, but he was looking forward to what he would be able to explore next.

There was a satisfying clicking sound as Robert pulled the trigger of the rifle, a new barrel in, and an improved chamber for the rounds. Should work pretty smoothly now. "Well, that's one task done for today." He said with a smile, taking another sip of his coffee and scratching off some notes on a piece of paper he had beside him. "Guess I'll go say hi to the rest of the team." He smiled as he rolled down his sleeves, grabbed his light grey jacket and pulled it on over his white collar shirt. Wasn't really necessary, but it felt comfy, and the 'Langley Industries' logo over his left breast was a pleasant reminder of home. Robert left to go find his fellow engineering officers shortly after.


As Nierra had left her station, Draka had appeared, as if from nowhere, around the corner. He stopped suddenly, appearing to have reached some destination more quickly than he had expected. Giving a slight wave, his fingers on his left hand began to speedily flutter away, clicking some kind of device he was holding. A few seconds later, a strange, monotone, robotic voice emanated from his helmet. "Greetings, you must be Nierra, pleasure to meet you. I'm Draka, the Captain may have told you I work here in engineering." His hands began clicking away again. "I decided it would be a good idea to get familiar with some of the new crew, yourself and Mr. Robert Langley."

As if on cue, Robert found himself walking down the same hall as both Nierra and Draka, a slight look of surprise on his face, followed by a little grin. "We all have the same idea?" He asked in a friendly tone, walking up to Draka and extending his hand. "Robert Langley, and you are?"

"Draka. Pleased to meet you Robert. You're quite young for a weapons maintenance officer."

Robert smiled and nodded his head from side to side. "Yes, but luckily very experienced thanks to my family. Pleased to meet you as well Draka. And Nierra, good to see you again as well, apologies we didn't get more introduced yesterday, but I suppose everyone was pretty tired, and I for one certainly wanted to get familiar with my station." He gave yet another friendly smile.