Damien Blacke

The second son of the Blacke series, and our antagonist.

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a character in “The Blacke Series: 1 Sinister Seduction”, as played by Cypher


Damien stands at around 6'4" tall, a height mostly in his long, rangy limbs. He's not necessarily skinny, but he's not muscular either. Slender would be the best word to use in this instance. He has midnight black hair that he usually leaves cut rather long and shaggy, and keeps combed and gelled to one side, taking a cue from the Eleventh Doctor, seemingly. Being a vampire, and therefore unable to generate skin pigments, his skin is a flawless, pearl white, almost exactly the same tone as his teeth. Set within his handsome visage are two eyes of sapphire blue that mysteriously seem to darken as he gets angry. He is gifted with a wonderfully expressive face to go with his handsome features and noble height, which only seems to make him even more attractive.


Damien's entire personality is built entirely on three main pillars; that is, Intelligence, Charisma and Bravery. Damien is an incredibly intelligent and clever man/vampire, capable of thinking on his feet and coming up with plans, backups for those plans, and backups for the backups of those plans entirely on the fly. He's a very well-read individual, well versed in classical and contemporary literture (although he avoids most modern vampire novels due to the stereotypes they created about him and his species), and enjoys all forms of music and art. He's also a very charming person; although whether or not the charm is superficial depends entirely on the person at the time. He's very well spoken and knows exactly when flattery is necessary, although he can also be imposing. He is also a very courageous person, and will put himself on the line whenever his friends or family are at risk.

So begins...

Damien Blacke's Story