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Damien Blacke


Name: Damien Lethera
Gender: Male
Age: 204 Years Old
Age Appearance: He looks about 18-20 years old.
Species: Royal Pure-blood Vampire
Role: 2nd Main Character
Location: He lives in The Blacke Mansion, Romania. But for now he is living in Redwood, Maine.
Orientation: He is very straight.
Status: He is single. But he plans on not being for long..
Close Family Members: Father, two brothers, two sisters, and his mother.


Damien Blacke stands at 6"4; with a slender and strong build, with long slender legs and arms but the entire Blacke family has been known for how tall they are. And even if they don't look like the strongest family, they actually have quite alot of physical packed in their bodies. Damien's eyes are a dark blue color that represent the ice cold sea; but sometimes turn into a bright icy blue color that seem abnormal to human eyes. His hair is shaggyish; still considered a short hairstyle; it's straight and is a dark black color that sometimes look a very dark brown in different angles of light. He sometimes slicks it back to make him look more sinister or "cool".

Has for his skin; it's quite pale; it never tans even being under the sunlight for a long time and remains flawless. He wears dark colors of clothing; dark blues, blacks, and grays. He usually only basks in dark jeans with dark shirts and coats, which give him a more dark look then anything... dark and casual.


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