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"What do you want?"..."I hear you have sweet blood."..."Fuck off."

a character in “The Change”, as played by Stellabellum

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Name: Ashley [Ash] Tomlinson
Age: 16
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight
Former: 2
Description: Ash stands at 5’5’’ with a slender frame. Her eyes are a dark violet but are known for turning several other colours. Her hair is red a healthy, rich chestnut brown that is almost always pulled back from her face. For a vampire she is rather tan, and the skin on her cheeks and shoulders always seem to be tinted pink.
Personality: outgoing, competitive, flirty, fiery, sharp-minded, easy-going
Pet: male red tabby cat named Russell
Dorm mate:
1] One touch to someone’s bare skin and she could almost be their best friend by how much knowledge she knows
2] Limited power over water
3] A little telepathic, but to actually listen to someone’s thoughts she has to close her eyes. because of this ability she can block other vampires who are telepathic from hearing her thoughts.
Tattoo Mark: on her left shoulder blade
Breakfast- starts at 6:00 pm (well to the vampires it's breakfast...)
1st period: Horse Back Riding
2nd period: Vamp History
3rd period: Art
4th period: Lunch
5th period: Italian
6th period: Fencing
7th period: Chemistry

So begins...

Ash Tomlinson's Story