Blanditia FanumJae Hwa Sun

"I keep quite and snister and thats my plan."

a character in “The Change”, as played by lil kawaii

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Name: Jae Hwa Sun
Age: 16
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight
Former: 1
Description: Image
Personality: sweet, silent, bookworm, loyal, a bit childish, and sinister
Pet: cat named Mao
Dorm mate: unknown
Powers: healing= cuts injuries can only help a broken bone a little and she helps a little with illness
shadows= darkness basicly
water= bends water to her will
Tattoo Mark: Image placed on her arm it means death
Breakfast- starts at 6:00 pm (well to the vampires it's breakfast...)
1st period: Spanish
2nd period: Chemistry
3rd period: Art
4th period: Lunch
5th period: Science
6th period: Drama
7th period: Vamp history


EXTRA: she doesn't speak English very well but is teaching herself so she can interact
she knows by heart Japanese (her nationality)
Chinese (her mother was)
Korean (she was just interested)
Spanish (slowly learning)
her parents came from China and Japan she then moved to America and began to learn the language slowly. she gets very confused trying to speak English.

So begins...

Jae Hwa Sun's Story