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(yeah i noticed that no one couldn't look at my character so here ya go ^^)

a character in “The Change”, as played by shikakid55

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Name:Lucian Klaw


Sexual Orientation: Straight

Former: Former 1

Description: Image

Personality: What can I say about Lucian? He partically insane, this is true because his love for explosions. Although his power is loud it does not mean he is. Lucian is the most silent person in his group of friends. He is also a person who likes to head into battles and stand up for himself other then seeing someone else take his place in a battle for him. Although he does not think of the consequences and does things impulsivelly.

Pet: Image (the one on the left) He is my pet kitty and his name is Rawr

Dorm mate:TBA

Powers: Lucian has the ability to control the element of fire.

Tattoo Mark:Image The tattoo is located on the palm of his right hand.

Schedule: See below

Breakfast- starts at 6:00 pm (well to the vampires it's breakfast...)
1st period: Italian
2nd period: Vampire History
3rd period:Art
4th period:Lunch
5th period:Science
6th period:Drama
7th period: Fencing

So begins...

Lucian Klaw's Story