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"Moonlight is so... dim."

a character in “The Change”, as played by ShadtheWerepire

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Name: Shane Rallen
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Former: 2
Description: ... Guy018.jpg
Personality: Shane’s very free spirited and enjoys being outside, it’s where he feels most relaxed. He has a fun sense of humour and tends to joke around a lot. Generally he’s very book smart but he’s a bit clueless about social interactions most of the time. He’s quite a flirt and will try to charm girls with his jokes. Most of the time he’s lazy and tends to sleep a lot. Will fight authority and often finds himself in trouble for standing up for what he believes is right. (I'll probably end up editing his personality as I roleplay as him)
Pet: Owl ... le_owl.jpg
Dorm mate: None
1. Control over the element of Air (This includes ability to fly),
2. Can talk to animals
3. Control over the element of Nature (like he can accelerate plant growth or rejuvenate them but can’t just make random vines grow there has to be something he alters)
(since his powers are very physical they take a lot more energy than everyone's mental and mind reading tricks)
Tattoo Mark: on palm of his hand.
Breakfast- starts at 6:00 pm (well to the vampires it's breakfast...)
1st period: Horse Back riding
2nd period: Art
3rd period: Fencing
4th period: Lunch
5th period: Spanish
6th period: Vampire History
7th period: Chemistry

So begins...

Shane Rallen's Story