Blanditia FanumXander Coltman

"I've seen something terrible."

a character in “The Change”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Hetrosexual
Former: 3
Description: Image
Pet: Gray cat name Ezio
Dorm mate:none
Powers: Xander can see into the future but it often come in nightmares. He talk to people telepathy while he as a connection he can read their minds. When he touches someone he can tell their imediate future
Tattoo Mark: Xander's tattoo is on his left fore arm. It is a intricute spirals and glows when he is using his powers.
Schedule: (the list of classes are up there... any questions ask me.)
Breakfast- starts at 6:00 pm (well to the vampires it's breakfast...)
1st period:Italian
2nd period:Vamp History
3rd period: Fencing
4th period: Art
5th period: lunch
6th period:Drama
7th period: Chemistry


Xander never really fit in as a human. He kept to himself always imersed in horror novels. Mostly by stephen king. Xander is really shy. He never made friends easily. With the nightmares he often is restless and tired. He once stayed up for a week before he just crashed in his U.S. History class. He got good grades. When he wasn't reading about Roland he was researching about world history, myths, and other history related items. Also Xander likes to write horror short stories.


Xander carries around a back pack that holds his entire Dark Tower set.


Xander's past is mysterious. He never met his real mom or dad. He has been in 12 different foster homes, and at every single one of those homes he never felt like he was wanted or belonged. At least Blandtila Xander feels like he is at home for the first time in 17 years.

So begins...

Xander Coltman's Story