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What happens when you're "chosen" to attend Blanditia Fanum, a school filled with vampires?

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Felicity laughed at the statement. “That would probably be a safe conclusion to come to. I understand the feeling with the cats. Mitsuki is always causing me to get into situations then just sits back and watches. I swear that cat smirks sometimes. Regardless of what we had last year, I hope we have classes together this year. It’d be nice to know someone for once.” Glancing at her schedule, she just shook her head. “If I show up to the right class that is. The only one I can remember safely is Art.” As she was talking, Mitsuki walked over and bit Felicity’s ankle. “Mitsuki! I meant bite me next time to warn me! Not every time you want attention!” Sighing, she picked up the mischievous kitten and scratched its head. “Runt. There is definitely something weird with the animals here.”