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What happens when you're "chosen" to attend Blanditia Fanum, a school filled with vampires?

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“Really? That’s great!” Smiling, Felicity was excited the first day was starting off well. She was actually going to know someone in class for once. “And yeah, I haven’t met her yet. All I know is we’re both Former 4 students, and somehow I missed meeting her before. Hopefully we’ll get along. I guess we’re just the lucky ones with the animals then. At least these two have character.” Glancing at her watch, Felicity’s eyes widened. “I’ve gotta get a move on! I was wanting to meet my roommate and get the room settled before class. I’m glad I ran into you….even if it was literally. Guess I’ll see you in Art at least then!” Waving a goodbye, Felicity started running towards the dorms with Mitsuki on her shoulder. When she reached a wall with an entrance further down, she held Mitsuki close and looked around. “No sense in running the whole was is there.” Crouching down, she leapt into the air, easily jumping over the wall; then a few more obstacles. “Being a vampire can have its perks at times.” Finally reaching the dorms, and then finding her own dorm room; Felicity reached for the door knob feeling anxious. “Well Mitsuki, she’s either in there or she’s not. I just hope we won’t be at each other’s throats.” Opening the door, she peeked inside the room.