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What happens when you're "chosen" to attend Blanditia Fanum, a school filled with vampires?

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Josephina walked down the hallway trying to find her Italian class. She held the paper close to her face trying to make out the numbers, but couldn’t quite figure them out.
'This is what I get for breaking my glasses...' She thought hopelessly.
She looked ahead, but all she could see were moving blurs. She could tell they were people or something...
A small black kitten jumped onto her shoulder. She turned her head to look at it and could tell that it was Alesana.
"Bonjour." She said happily to the kitten.
Alesana mewed pawing at Josephina's face.
Josephina cringed and gently picked the kitten up and sat her on the floor. "Bad kitty." She whispered.
She looked at her paper again and could make out two of the numbers. She stuffed the paper in her pocket and decided to get over her shyness and ask someone for help.
There were two people talking ahead of her. She decided they would be the best to ask.
"E-excuse me..." She stuttered quietly.
No response.
She moved closer thinking she was to far away but ended up bumping into them.
"Oh non!" She gasped. "I-I'm sorry! I wanted to ask for help..." She blushed, embarrassed hoping they would understand her terrible English skills.