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What happens when you're "chosen" to attend Blanditia Fanum, a school filled with vampires?

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Christian looked over as a girl walked over to him. "Huh? Oh.. sorry I'm new too.." he said. At least he wasnt the only lost one here. "My name's Christian." he said as the girl introduced herself as Jae Hwa. Just then a boy walked over as well. Another newcomer. "I'm Christian, new here too. I guess.. we're all lost here." he said with nervous chuckle. "I think the dorms are... this way." he added pointing north. "At least that's what the paper says..."
He looked at the map of the school, turning the paper around to see which was the right way or not. It.. wasnt as easy as he thought. "Well, we wont get anywhere if we just stand around..." he muttered, before starting to walk. He found a large wooden door, and stared. With a small sigh he opened it, and peeked in. There was a large tv in the room, with a few couches. On each side of the room were two stairs.
"Uh.. I'm guessing these are the dorms...?" he said looking at a few vampires who were sitting around. They nodded, "Boys to the left and girls to the right." one answered. Christian gave a small nod before heading upstairs. Finally... the search for the dorms were over.