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What happens when you're "chosen" to attend Blanditia Fanum, a school filled with vampires?

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Christian opened the door to his dorm number and fell into the bed. "All the vampire thing is driving me crazy.." he said, burying his face into the pillow. At least the dorms looked nice. He sat up and stretched. His parents didnt even seem to care that he was becoming a vampire. Actually, they seemed glad he was out of the house. Christian was pretty glad too.
He snapped out of his thought when there was a tap on the window. He looked over and saw two pair of eyes staring at him. "A cat?" he asked himself before getting up and opening the window. As soon as he did the cat jumped in like this was his home and leaped onto the bed. Christian looked at the cat and tilted his head. He did see a lot of cats... and snakes in this school... He looked at his schedule paper and saw a small note on it. It explained the whole thing about pets and what not. "Ok.. now it makes more sense. Next time I should look more carefully." he said to himself before sitting down. The cat purred, rubbing against his arms like they have known each other for years. Christian smiled, scratching its head.