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What happens when you're "chosen" to attend Blanditia Fanum, a school filled with vampires?

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Akana noticed how she had sat there with her eyes closed for some time and stared at Dazs who was asleep as well and petted his head as she yawned. It wasn't a good thing to sit here all day long, so she decided to go to her dorm of course. She slowly stood up, putting Dazs on her neck, walking as slow as a snail. Her pace got a little faster and now she was jogging in a slow mode. Dazs was still asleep, she pushed her way to the dorms and accidently bumped into someone but ignored the talking and apologizing part. The jog to the dorm ended as she climbed up the stairs to her room. It seemed to be the same one as last year, which was easy to remember since it was the same room over and over. Entering the room, she saw the furniture was changed and there was a hot pink note on the table. Stepping toward it she read “Akana, I have changed the old dusty furniture to something new and you will still have no dorm mate which equals to no trouble and arrogant attitude. . Your dear mother…” Her mother was surely annoying but it didn’t matter, Akana thought as she stood there.