Wonderland, of course!Marilyn Harland

"We're all a bit mad... Though insane is something I am not,"

a character in “The Chess Board”, as played by Pichu-Chan

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The Mad Hatter
Name Marilyn Harland
Age Appears to be about 19, but is really about 100 years old.
Sex Female
Orientation Bisexual
As you can tell, she has long, blond hair reaching to the bottom of her skirt, and because of this, some may call her “Alice” teasingly or mistakenly, which she absolutely hates. She stands at 6’10” and weighs 128 pounds. She has red crimson eyes that say definitely say that she’s not really “innocent”, though it’s not like she claims to be in the first place. She often wears extravagant outfits that will always usually have the following things: A jacket, a ruffled shirt, pants with ruffles on the end, a ruffled neck piece, and, of course, her signature top hat. She also carries around guns that, of course, go with her outfit, but no knows if she’s actually shot it or has shot anyone.
PersonalityMarilyn always seems to either say things that make no sense or are completely missing the point, but perhaps some of the things she says are another way of saying the truth. She often does things that make no sense to most, but she holds the belief that everyone is mad, and if you don’t let that madness out, then you’ll eventually just end up going insane. She often laughs at the most seemingly inappropriate of times, though she never gets why everyone is so bothered by it. She flirts with both genders, but really holds no feelings towards anyone, just seeing it as a amusing “game” of sorts, and this may also apply towards friends, as no matter how close you might think she is, she certainly won’t show you any care or affection of any sorts, though that may be because she has a different way of showing affection and care… She absolutely hates anyone calling her Alice, order, and anyone who even dares to damage her top hat, as she’ll point her gun at anyone who brings these upon her, but often won’t shoot; she just wants them to not bring it up or do it again. She tries to keep her calm, but at times, can’t help but be a bit “energetic”, often interrupting the conversation with things that seem totally out of topic and, if there’s other seats around, will switch to the other seats throughout the day. She will get upset if no one is paying attention to her when she’s around people, especially around a lot of people, and will shoot her gun, or do something loud to get their attention.
Brief History No one’s really sure about how she got to wonderland, some say that she was a girl, like Alice, who stumbled upon the land and eventually went “mad”, others say that like the others, she was born here. But no matter how she might have gotten here, one thing is clear- She’s certainly here to stay. She rather likes Wonderland, how un-orderly it is, how colorful it is, and a lot of other reasons… at least before the Black Queen started to take over a large majority of it. She certainly does not want to be ruled over, as she quite likes the freedom to be mad whenever you like and not have to schedule tea-times at a certain time, so she actively is against her.
Extra Information At random times she has a “tea-time”, it’s not scheduled at all and when she is having her tea-time, she will refuse to be bothered or to speak, even in the middle of a conversation, but will return to it once tea-time is over. Oh, and Banana Jammers.

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