Deep Thoughts, by OrionElla

"It is out of my control..."

a character in “The Chronicles of Kizara”, as played by KrazyTigger

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Name: Ella
Age: 353
House: Orion

Averaging in height, Ella has a athletic build, with curves in all the right places. Often she can be found wearing trousers that aren't particularly tight, but accentuate her curves. Her t-shirt is usually the same and both will be fairly dull in colour to prevent her from standing out in the crowd. Upon her feet she wears knee length boots, which is wear she hides her weapons. Around her shoulders is a pitch black cloak that she, though not often does she use the hood that is attached to it. Her hands are callous and rough due to her refusal to wear gloves at any time. Her eyes are strangely a bluey, purple that glint dangerously when she is angry and are framed by dark eyelashes. With a heart-shaped face, her skin is fair, though not overly pale it gives her a somewhat angelic look. Long amber hair reaches the middle of her back and is often wavy or curled, depending on how she feels. Most of the time she ties it in a high ponytail to keep it out of the way.



Upon the surface, Ella seems to be a happy positive person who is very willing to help those in need. Underneath, she is screaming for help herself. She struggles with her powers and can't find any way to prevent them or at least gain some control. Inside she is slowly turning insane, but the persona she plays will not allow her to ask for help. She feels she can get on with it without any help from other people. She has a tough personality and can be fierce when she is defending something she feels strongly about and before she began to struggle with herself, she was always a happy person. She is often kind-hearted and take pity on those who are in danger or need her help.


Ella always keeps two daggers, well-used and fairly old, secured in her boots. They are sheathed in old leather, which is worn and battered. The hilt of these daggers are intricately designed, with twisting pieces of metal that wind together together to form the full hilt. They are decorated with sapphires that are embedded into the hilt. The blades are seven inches long, flat and extremely worn, but Ella keeps them well sharpened. They have sentimental meaning for her and thus she does not have the heart to get rid of them, even though they are getting to be extremely old. They are often useful for her to use and have protected her well over the years that she has had them.

Under her clothes Ella wears her HEV suit, though she keeps it well hidden by the use of her clothes. It is light-weight with places of armour. It provides a barrier for her to be protected by, which she has adapted by moving the switch to her left forearm, so she had access it with ease.

Ella got her hands on a Fighter Craft, but it isn't in a good way and she is currently repairing it the best that she can. She considers herself somewhat of a mechanic when it comes to such things, but so far she hasn't had much luck with the broken down craft and hopes that before long it will be fully functional for her to use should she need to.

In terms of her House, Ella has vivid visions, though they are very rare. They are enough to make her realise that it is slowly turning her mad. Though they do not happen often, she fears when they do happen, for fear that she may see something connected to those that she lovers or cares for. She also is a an Earth Bender, an extremely skilled one. She can manipulate anything the way she wants it, though it does drain her energy beyond belief and sometimes she struggles to control what she is doing, but most of the time she has complete control.


Ella had a pretty basic upbringing, if you can call her mother killing herself when she was barely 100 years old basic. Due to her being terrified of the visions and fearing when they would be coming, her mother took her own life to prevent her "seeing" things that she didn't want to. She grew up with only a father, though he cared for her unbelievably and made sure that she had everything that she needed. She was never spoilt however, just that he provided what she needed. After a dispute with someone, Ella has been knocked unconscious and currently is unaware of where she is, except that its a ship and everything around her is in complete darkness.

So begins...

Ella's Story