Summer AreaGyaku

The mysterious leader of the Uragiri

a character in “The Chuunin exams in the Land of Seasons”, as played by Soul_Alchemist

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Although Gyaku looks young he is actually in his late forties, maybe even in his early fifties. He has the ability to change his features, but for now his hair is sandy blonde and spiky and his eyes are very dark, the color hard to tell. He seems to look maybe in his twenties for now, with tan skin and a stern face. He wears a loose red kimono, so as to not look so much like a ninja but more like a civilian. Never has he been seen with any sort of headband or a symbol of any land or village. For shoes he wears simple wooden sandals


It is impossible to tell what's on his mind at anytime. Never does he let his guard down and never does he share his feelings, even rage. He is cold and calculating, however, he somehow knows exactly what to say to people, and how to act around them, to get them to do what he wants.


His kimono hides a black, fitting outfit as well as a standard ninja belt with a shuriken pouch, an assorted item pouch, and a scroll pouch. Strapped to his shins and forearms are light metal guards, and there is a kunai case strapped to his left thigh. Aside from this it seems he has nothing else with him, but you can never be sure.

Jutsu List-
Genjutsu Binding (Genjutsu Shibari)- Gyaku binds the target in a simple paralysis illusion, causing them to not be able to move, but he must be able to watch the target, otherwise it breaks. Also, if the opponent knows how to break a genjutsu it can be broken

Demonic Illusions: False Surrounding Technique (Magen: Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu)- Gyaku is able to change the way that an object or an area looks

Demonic Illusions: Double False Surroundings Technique (Magen: Niju Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu)- Gyaku places a second illusion over a previous one, so that when the first illusion is broken they are still caught in another, but don't realize it

False Troops Technique (Arazu Guntai no Jutsu)- this genjutsu allows Gyaku to create several clones of himself that can do no damage but cannot be destroyed, except by breaking the illusion

Chakra Blade (Chakrakiri)- Gyaku creates a chain of hand seals, then passes his right hand over his left. His left hand then becomes covered in a layer of pure chakra, which he can then use to cut through almost anything, and because there is no elemental chakra involved it can last as long as his natural amount of chakra

Summoning Technique: Masamune (Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Masamune)- by using the scroll he carries, Gyaku is able to summon a Masamune, basically an over sized katana with a two foot long handle and a six foot blade


Gyaku has never revealed anything of his past to anyone, not even his most trusted Uragiri members. All that is known is that twenty years ago he established his organization, Uragiri, which means betrayed, and began recruiting members. He never uses any jutsu from a specific land or village, no unique tools, or ever says anything that could be traced back to his home. However, he seems to have a great deal of knowledge concerning all aspects of the ninja arts and abilities, as if he's lived in several different lands over the years.

So begins...

Gyaku's Story