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The statue fighter of the Hidden Stone

a character in “The Chuunin exams in the Land of Seasons”, as played by Soul_Alchemist

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Jin is fifteen years old and about five feet and one inches tall. His hair is shaggy and spiky, and a deep brown color, almost black. Around his stone grey iris' is a dull red ring, the prominate feature of his clan, aside from their dark hair and tanned skin. As for clothing, he wears a grey kung fu outfit with dull red trim, rather than the traditional black with white trim. Around his waist is the usual shinobi tool belt, with a shuriken pouch, a pouch for things like metal wire and paper bombs, but there is another, larger pouch, which he fills with tiny animal statues he created, which are infused with his chakra. For shoes, he wears none, and his headband is worn traditionally, on his forehead, though it's usually hidden by his hair.


For the most part Jin is a disciplied young man with a strict background, due to his father's training methods. He is very strong, and usually quiet, prefering to listen and decide weather action really needs to be taken or not. He would rather talk things out and come to an agreement then use force, mainly because he doesn't like using his clan jutsu in the open.


Jin carries shuriken, kunai, paper bombs, and a unique type of item used exclusively by his clan. They are called Ryushi Chokoku, Particle Sculptures. These are tiny figurines, mostly of animals, created by fusing chakra and stone on a molecular level. This process allows the user to, through a special jutsu, cause the figurines to grow larger, and to be used sort of like a summon. Jin is, so far, only able to grow them up to a foot in height or length.

Jutsu List
Earth Release: Shaky Ground (Doton: Fuantei Jimen)- after a series of hand seals Jin punches the ground at his feet. In a diameter of about ten feet the ground begins to shake, and anyone standing within those ten feet will likely lose their balance and fall, he however will not, and as the ground shakes for a few moments, he can attack why the enemy tries to keep balance.

Hidden Technique: Particle Control (Hidan Jutsu: Ryushiton)- Jin is able to hold one of the Particle Sculptures in his closed fist, then toss it out away from himself. In doing this his chakra flows into the figurine and it grows larger and seems to come to life, being able to attack or defend at Jin's command. So far he can only control three at once, and they are only a foot tall at the highest.

Stone Clone (Iwa Bunshin)- by sending his chakra into the ground around him Jin is able to form a clone out of it, made of stone rather than earth. These clones cannot move, and shatter when hit three times, but because they are stone, kunai and shuriken bounce off, and a bare fist against it would hurt.

Dust Shuriken (Hakai Shuriken)- Jin is able to gather dust from around him to the palm of his hand quickly, which then forms a semi-solid shuriken. These shuriken cause no damage, as one they get close they burst into a cloud of dust, but they are good for distractions.

Shisa Armor Technique (Shisa Yoroi no Jutsu)- with this technique Jin creates peices of armor on his body. Basically it combines gathering dust, as if for Dust Shuriken, then manipulating the individual particles, as in the Particle Sculptures, and in doing so he creates a layer of dust on his body, then compacts it, making it harder, and also shaping it into the features of a Shisa as he does so (Note* a Shisa is a mythic Japanese animal, a cross between a dog and a lion)

Scuplture Army Illusion Technique (Ryushi Rikugun Genjutsu)- after using Hidden Technique: Particle Control, Jin makes a series of hand signs, then the number of moving figurnes seems to multiply as many times as he likes, however ony the original number can do any damage, the rest or simple illusions


Jin was born to Yamamoto Sonkei, his father, who was an elite jonin and e meber of the Iwagakure ANBU, leading his own unit. His mother, Yamamoto Mariko, owned a shop in the village, where she sold statues and others things. He was raised as a child by his mother, but as soon as he was old enough his father began training him in the ways of the ninja. For hours a day Jin would have to fight his father, or train in a cave, or go without water until he mastered a certain move. It was hard, but it made him strong, as well as resentful towards his father. When he was ten he began going to the academy, where he did well because of his father's teachings. He quickly got into the top three of his class, however, his father, rather than his instructor, hold him back for two years. Sonkei told his son that this was the best way to learn, to drill the basics into your mind and never forget them.

So, for an additional two years he studied the basics and began mastering his clan's hidden jutsu. During all this he became the quiet, sturdy youth he is today. For the last month, as part of his training, he was forced to live in a cave, with no light, and practice every day the moves of his clan, until he could feel everything around him with chakra alone. Because of this training, he can basically see without eyes, but is now afraid of the dark. He was able to use this ability to steal the answers for the written exam, insuring that his team passed by then tapping them out in morse code.

Jin is from Iwagakure (Hidden Stone Village), in the Land of Earth, and is as of yet a 3 year genin.

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