The City of MagicMystic Samantha Angel

Why am I treated so differently? Sure, I'm a chosen one, but why does that make me so different than everyone else?

a character in “The City of Magic”, as played by dawnfire07

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Name: Mystic Samantha Angel
Appearance: Image

Age: 13
Element: Chosen One; Her main symbol is water
Symbol: Image
Mastered Spells: Water, Fire, Light
History: Mystic has been through some tough times. Her parents were killed in an unsuspected earthqauake, though she was adopted by another family. She only has a few friends who are Honey, Rachel, Angeline, and a girl named Caren. Some people act wary around her, and she hates it. Other than that, she's just a regular girl.
Personality: Mystic loves to flirt and tease boys, though she hardly ever has real feelings for them. But still, if she doesn't like them she'll let them know, she won't play with their feelings. Anyway, she's tough and sporty, yet she has a girly side when it comes to fashion. She is loud and outspoken but she knows when she has to quiet. She can be annoying sometimes, but she has a kind heart. Mystic loves hanging out with her friends and spends most of her time with them.

So begins...

Mystic Samantha Angel's Story