The City of MagicVyce Deepnight

I have never seen any light by the glow of a fire.

a character in “The City of Magic”, as played by Everscale

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Name: Vyce Deepnight
Age: 19
Element: Fire
Symbol: Chosen One
Mastered spells: Fire, Shadow
Best Spell: Fire


Personality: He is dark, level-headed, and often sarcastic. He does not like bright or happy places, preferring to sit in the shadows and read. However, when he does make a connection, he becomes very protective of that person. He is intelligent and it is incredibly difficult to see emotions on his face, because he rarely shows them. He fears his father more than anything in the world.


Though he is accomplished with magic, he is always equipped with a set of knives, for emergency protection.


History: The son of a powerful magic-user, he is expected to do better than anyone else when training in magic. If he doesn't, his father's consequences are dire.

So begins...

Vyce Deepnight's Story