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"I am yours for eternity, even death will not part us..."

a character in “The Council of Seven”, as played by angelwolfchild

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Name: Erika Corbeau
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Role: Human turned into a Vehire
Species: Vehire
Theme Song: 'Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance' by Vocaloid (rockleetist cover)
Appearance: Image


Personality: Erika is extremely obsessive and paranoid, making her difficult to predict. Her emotions can change in a snap and she can't often account for her own actions, sometimes even forgetting her own actions. Her temper is sharp and violent, able to lash out at anyone at a moments notice with disasterous consquences. Her obsession with her Alta Mater is, in her opinion, a vast and devoted love when in fact it is just a seriously unhealthy obsession. In general, Erika has a gentle and sweet disposition and will be polite to people at first, although the facade rarely lasts. Deep down there is a deep insecurity and need for love, which may explain the obsession in the first place. Her trust of her sire can make her vulnerable but she has retained her intelligence, managing to cover her tracks extremely well when she is stalking.
Trust Level: If someone mentions her sire, Alta Mater, she would trust them to lead her to the end of the earth but otherwise she doesn't trust anyone besides her sire.


Equipment: N/A
Weapons: Carries a small shard of glass within a special pocket in the skirt of her dress, that is the only weapon she feels she needs.
Clothing: Image


Bio: Erika led a miserable life before she was turned. Her parents died barely a month after the birth of her baby sister Alicia. The three Corbeau children were adopted by a business assosciate of their father's but he did not care for them at all, abusing all three of them terribly. Michael did his best to protect all of them from their foster father, but then he ran away and Erika, driven by her own sense of abandonment, burned down their foster home with the abusive man inside it and left with Alicia. The two girls survived on the streets for a surprisingly long time, but over the years Erika's ruthlessness and willingness to kill made her relationship with her sister very strained, even causing them to fight and argue. Eventually, when Erika was sixteen, she strangled Alicia to death, believing that her sister hated her and wanted her dead. She regretted it immediately, leaving their house and wandering the streets aimlessly, not caring whether she lived or died.
Erika does not remember much about becoming a Vehire, all she remembers is the face of her sire, Alta Mater. Tracking down this 'angel' that gave her a purpose, Erika vowed that she would love him for eternity and do all in her power to prove that. However this love quickly became obsession and soon she was stalking Alta, watching him as much as she could, getting information about him from others and sending tokens of 'affection' to him anonymously. She became a threat to other people, so lost in her own insane possessiveness that she found any reason to lash out at people, caring only about showing her undying devotion.
Family: Parents - Richard and Christine Corbeau (Deceased), Elder Brother - Michael (Whereabouts unknown), Younger Sister - Alicia (Deceased, by Erika's own hand)
Other: Erika has always been extremely pretty even when her insane obsession took hold, making her very attractive to other men, but no matter how attractive or charming they may be they cannot move her away from her obsession and she often ends up attacking them if they push too far.

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