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The Country of Arsaweith » Places

Places in The Country of Arsaweith

This is a list of locations that can be found in The Country of Arsaweith.

All Places

The Forest

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         The bright color of the girl's hair made her look sweet and innocent as the light danced off it as a gentle candle, however, when she opened her eyes they were stony green as they settled on a small doe which as eating the lush green grass of the forest. Its soft nose nuzzled the ground and moved gently as it chewed. Yes, it was quite an adorable creature but the low rogue knew what she had to do. Carefully moving her cloak she pulled out a gleaming knife which she aimed precisely as not to hurt the creature. She threw her arm forward to let the knife fly and immediately it snuffed out the doe's life. Quickly she mumbled out murmurs of prayer for its life and how it would be passed down to her. She ripped the knife out and put the dead doe in her game bag, for it was small. The soft leather groaned from the loan and it was known that she would have to get a new bag soon, perhaps she could even trade hers for a new one; it was high quality and had last her several years. Dismissing her bag for now the rogue began to hike up the rocky hill but jumped when she heard horses' hooves pounding the earth, heading down towards her. She got a good grip on the rough bark of a tree and hauled herself up, tough because of her cloak. When her emerald gaze looked down she saw a herd of wild horses, letting out a sigh of relief she jumped down and began to stroke a gentle dapple grey stallion. They were all calm and approached her, anxious to get patted, all except one which was the most beautiful mount that she had ever seen. It was a strong black mare with a short mane yet long tail that trailed behind her like smoke. The black mare paced around with her ears laid back and eyes focused on the rogue girl as it snorted and pawed the ground angrily. Around its neck was a worn leather satchel filled with worn paper on which she saw her name and a picture of her. ROWENA WOOD.

Arsaweith, 1400s The Forest Owner: RolePlayGateway

A place for the creatures that live as subjects of the Dragon King and Queen and their daughter. Stay away if you value your life.

Arsaweith, 1400s

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         Nerissa's eyes were closed as she kneaded the dough, humming a light tune. She heard the light 'ring as the bakery door opened, but kept her eyes on her work. She heard the figure's heavy footsteps with her keen ears -obvuously a male-, and could feel the heart radiating off of the man's body.

"Hello there, lovely. What've you got for sale?" At this comment, Nerissa lifted her head, crimson eyes narrowed. She came face-to-face with a rediculously handsome male, a bright smile apon his angled face. She had met many men in her time, and her expression barely wavered at the man's looks. Nerissa raised an eyebrown slighty, pulling her hands from the dough, whiping them off with a cloth. The man seemed cocky, overly so. Nerissa guided her over to a specific case of assorted breads and cakes.

'Well, everything in here in under 6 bits." She said, pointing at the case. She shuffled over to one next to it, filled with even more cakes. "And these are 7 bits each." Nerissa took out a small sugar pastery, walking over to the man.

"Here," She said, placing it in the man's hand. "Try it." She watching, waiting for the man's reaction. They were usually the same, a slight gasp, a broad smile. In short, she was good at what she did. And the whole village knew it.


From the Edges of the ocean, in the distance can be seen a kingdom surrounded by water, and trees.

The Gardens of Isis

Arsaweith Palace The Gardens of Isis Owner: RolePlayGateway

The Gardens.

The Lavender Fields

Arsaweith, 1400s The Lavender Fields Owner: RolePlayGateway

A place that is not cut off from Arsaweith or the Forest. It is open to all.

Arsaweith Palace Throne Room

Arsaweith Palace Arsaweith Palace Throne Room Owner: RolePlayGateway

The Throne Room inside Arsaweith Palace. Many events take place here.

Nexxus Creek

The Forest Nexxus Creek Owner: RolePlayGateway

A creek in the center of the forest.

The Castle of King Kaal and Queen Iluminai

Stay away if you value your life.

Arsaweith Palace

Arsaweith, 1400s Arsaweith Palace Owner: RolePlayGateway

The home of Prince Alekai, and King Lazerus.

Throne Room

Where Queen Iluminai and King Kaal sit.