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a character in “The Cover”, as played by chocolateloversuntie

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Character Skeleton
Jace Mathews
Sophomore guy
He's very kind. Likes to smile and enjoy life as it comes. Very good natured about things and just does as he pleases. It's very hard to make him mad, though what everyone says about him hurts, he decides not to show it. Has a very soft and sweet heart.
Long Walks. The Little things in life. Helping others. Sunrises. Building things.
Watching others suffer.
He is very skilled in tools. Likes building things, and seeing them come to life before him. Though he is talented in mechanics his favorite is working with Wood.
Often he would take the weight of the world on his shoulders and wouldn't stop till it is fixed. Even though his is homeless, he goes to the shelter and helps others despite his own need for food and shelter. He rarely takes and when he does it is very little. Some say it will be what kills him. He could never stop giving.
Brief Description
He was sandy blonde hair that is slowly growing longer as days pass. Chocolate brown eyes and a smile that is to die for. Jace usaully wears a dark or black t-shirt, that hides dirt easily, and khaki cargo shorts. He is not tan, but not very pale and from his poor lack in diet he is very skinny. Wieghing in at about 140 and is about 6'0.
At around age 14 his grades started dropping. The problem was that he was spending too much time helping at the shelter or the clinic or whereever he could and didn't have time to study. He would go home as early as midnight and wake up late for school. When his mom threatened that he either quits voluntering or be kicked out, he chose to be kicked out. now he only has a few pairs of clothes, toothbrush toothpaste and barely has enough money for a pack of gum. somehow he manages in a condomned building close by.
Not Really No

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Jace Mathews's Story