The Cromwell Estate - The Race To Be Queen!

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Two sisters, Teacake and Rose, are having a little race to see who can claim the family throne first. The only thing holding them back is their temporary exile from the kingdom and being unwed. Who will find their prince charming first?

Character Portrait: Mme Teacake Cromwell The snobby and spoiled older sister of Rose (Cromwell)
Character Portrait: Prince Lyon Trevond A harsh, tough man whom is not very much liked by the population. His strict rule in his Father's sickness has earned him the title "Stoneruler".
Character Portrait: Giles Montige I will serve to the best of my abilities!
Character Portrait: Shiro Montige (Not Done) The personal maid for Teacake&Rose
Character Portrait: Richard Fawkes A humble and naive man who is unaware of what lies ahead in his new position as Chef of Teacake & Rose.