Modern-Victorian Era;Charles Cromwell

"Do not question, just serve your purpose"

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Character Name: Charles Cromwell
Age: When you figure out Shanna’s age, add five to that and you shall have mine.
Role: King

Personality: Charles is a stern king. He rules as he sees fit and does not care for the “Plight of the people” and is more than willing to do a small evil for a greater good. His treatment of his daughters however is the exact opposite. They can do no wrong in his eyes, and he is ferociously protective of them, some would say his spoiling of them is what caused them to be how they are today, but of course no one would dare say that to his face.
• Likes: Daughters, wife, soldiers, tradition, and control.
• Dislikes: The princes that think they can take his "angels", all men who are around his daughters no matter the reason, and dislikes rebellious individuals "People must be reminded of their place"

Appearance: Charles is tall and thin, with regal features such as a high brow and high cheek bones. His jaw is rather thin, and his nose is slightly long giving him a striking hawk resemblance. He has long flowing black hair that stretches to the middle of his back, and can usually be seen in red silk robes. His fingers are long and thin, not used to hard work or fighting. He has sharp blue eyes that seem to see all.

Extra: Unlike his wife, Charles dotes on his daughters. They are his little angels, to say that have him wrapped around their finger would be a gross understatement. He will never show or admit it, but Rose is his favorite child, she is his child inside and out.

Equipment: He is a king, what would he need? All he carries is his small stylish cane.

History: Charles in his youth was a brash and sadistic prince; he loved war and all it brought with it. Due to his love of war he understood the ways of a soldier in ways that the other nobility could never comprehend. He made good friends with Lucian who was a lowly squire at the time. The two boys got in much trouble, and were punished (Lucian more than Charles). When Charles married his “savage” nature slowly ebbed away, and after the birth of his daughters it was all but eradicated.
Charles has raised his daughters the best he could (outside the constant spoiling), and takes council only from his wife and old friend Lucian, the captain of his guard.

So begins...

Charles Cromwell's Story