Mieux AngleterreGiles Montige

I will serve to the best of my abilities!

a character in “The Cromwell Estate - The Race To Be Queen!”, as played by Yazmine

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Species: Elf
Age: 25
Likes: Teacake, serving others, being positive.
Dislikes: Nothing much in particular.


Giles is cool, calm and generally collected when it comes to taking orders from the bratty Cromwell sisters. In fact, he's quite happy to carry out tasks from them and does it with a positive attitude. Because truthfully he is in love with Teacake. He even goes as far as bringing her gifts even though she merely mocks him for it.


He only has his table for carrying treats out to the sisters.


Giles comes from a long line of servants to the Cromwell family. After his father passed away he took his place as the Cromwell sister's main butler. His sister, Shiro, works along side him.

So begins...

Giles Montige's Story