Cromwell Estate;Mme Teacake Cromwell

The snobby and spoiled older sister of Rose (Cromwell)

a character in “The Cromwell Estate - The Race To Be Queen!”, as played by AzaraGore

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Full Name; Teacake Elise Cromwell
Nickname(s); Tea, Cupcake, MzT, MzTeacake
Age; Mid 2o's (23)
Gender; Hermaphrodite/Female
Race; Light Elf
Heritage; Royalty, heiress of the Cromwell throne
Hair Color; Light Mango/Pinkish
Eye Color; Bright/Light Pink
Complexion (Skintone); Pale/Pinkish
Sexuality; Bisexual
Height; 5' 8" (172.7 cm)
Weight; ~..To be determined..~
Bust Size; 36D (USA)
Body Type: Hour Glass/Slim

With her more than ample chest, tiny waist, and plump posterior, Teacake is look upon as the dream girl every guy has every wanted. Her hour glass figure is more than envied by the other woman. But to their demise, she loves being generous and showing off her body at any given moment. Her slender elf ears resemble that of her male species because of her being an hermaphrodite; she also possessed a few characteristic of her male counterparts. Her voluptuous soft blonde hair that reaches down to her mid-back but she normally keeps it in a ponytail or a bun.

Tea is usually seen in short shorts, or anything skimpy and revealing. Tight shirts, or bikini tops. Hair pins of all sorts hearts, butterflies, skulls, etc). She dabs a little into each style (scene, goth, 'emo', prep, jock) but she makes it look as sexy as possible.


Teacake holds many different personality traits, a few being she's perverted, snobby, rude, and loud. She's even bold enough to grope another female's breast whenever she sees the opportunity to -- without even giving it a second thought. Another thing about Teacake is that she treats people as if they are property; so if she wants you, she'll get you one way or another.

MzTeacake is easily angered by the simplest of things; such as being teased (mostly sexually) or simply being denied of what she desires at that moment. As a result she goes on a rampage (having a tantrum), breaking, kicking, and screaming, as well as cursing until she is pleased or passes out.

Though her tough girl exterior seems a bit rough, she does have a more girlish side and enjoys taking walks down at the beach, playing with younger children in town and her sister, Rose.

• Bright Warm Colors (Sky Blue, Hot Pink, Lime Green, Yellow, etc)
• Black/White Themes
• Candy, Mostly Cotton Candy
• Flirting and Being Perverted

• Being Wrong/Challenged
• Sour/Dry Foods&Drinks
• Herbal Tea (Especially Green Tea)
• 'All Natural' or Recycled Things (Foods, Drinks, Clothing, etc)


Teacake normally doesn't fight but when forced to she'll use whatever is available to her which is normally fancy dinner knives and forks. Otherwise when in Tide Born form she will simply use her daggers.


Aside from her normal elf form she has what is called a "Tide Born" form which is a rare case in her species. She has the ability to turn into this alter-ego form at any time but her powers which an all time high during a full moon or new moon. Her Tide Born form has a dull purplish hue to it's fish like appearance, and like all fishes she has fins (e.g. ears, webbed fingers) as well as gills but only when she's in water. Teacake also has the ability to turn into a mermaid when she comes in contact with water. Once a "Tide Born" is born depending on which moon they were born on they acquire the ability to wield the forbidden weapon(s) such as the daggers or soulforce orbs which both have the power to bring down whole empires in a single swipe if used by someone skilled enough.

P.S. Young Tide Born's or un-trained Tide Born tend to go on bloodlust rampages when they're weakened in battle or when first unlocking their powers.

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Mme Teacake Cromwell's Story