HaussePrince Lyon Trevond

A harsh, tough man whom is not very much liked by the population. His strict rule in his Father's sickness has earned him the title "Stoneruler".

a character in “The Cromwell Estate - The Race To Be Queen!”, as played by Vio-Lance

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Character Name: Lyon Trevond
Nickname (optional): Stoneruler
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Kingdom/Country: Redcorde


Being ill-prepared

Appearance: Lyon stands at 6'3, and weighs only a slight 163 lbs. He's very physically fit, but very slim. His skin is palid, and lack of sunlight is quite obvious. His face seems worse for wear. His eyesockets have darkend with stress. Scars run across his tired face, showing his prowess in battle. His hair is short, and straight, usually kept swept upon his head.

His attire generally consuits of nice suits of violet or crimson. Rich colors that stand out and declare nobility. At his side is a silver sabre that he knows how to use very, very well.


Extra; Lyon has been leading his Kingdom, due to his father being bedridden with sickness. Six years, he has ruled, and it has visably taken a toll on him. His father left the Kingdom is chaos; and once he fell ill, his Kingdom began to fall apart. Straining, Lyon tries his hardest to rule his Father's Kingdom. Though, he has found some respite in the fact that his King's Council has stepped in, allowing him to do about his princely duties...such as finding a suitable wife.


Lyon has grown quite bitter from his short experience as a Ruler. He has learned how he needs to rule his people in order to make so that they survive... Even if it a rule that makes them hate him. His fierce reign is known in neighboring countries, even.


Lyon's Father left his country when it was on the brink of going to war with another kingdom, Boldovarl, before his sickness struck him. As noone was willing to take up the crown, Lyon was forced to, as his mother had already passed. He spent a long time preparing his Kingdom for war. Raising taxes, instituting child labor, and many other things that many people concider to be terrible. He did it all, trying to prepare his Kingdom. But all was for naught after five years of ridcule and fear, the other country sent a negotator to bargin at whatever price it would take not to go to war with Redcorde. All the stress of the people's hate, and of building an army to protect a Kingdom that didn't even like was harsh. He could not give the people back their monies; he had already spent it on their military. He sent these military soldiers out as guards to his Kingdom, but they were viewed as oppressors rather than protectors. Yes, Lyon's levvies and rule went down in strictness, but his people still disliked him.

So begins...

Prince Lyon Trevond's Story