Scarlett Scribe Tavern;Richard Fawkes

A humble and naive man who is unaware of what lies ahead in his new position as Chef of Teacake & Rose.

a character in “The Cromwell Estate - The Race To Be Queen!”, as played by The_Protagonist

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Full Name: Richard Theodore Fawkes
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: human
Job: Chef

Young and slender, Richard lacks an amazing strength, but has an overwhelming agility and speed which he uses for one of his favorite thing: cooking. His intelligence is that of an avarage human but his reflexs are really sharp due to the training his father gave him.


Shy at first, but when he eventually meets someone, he inadvertently shows his true self; which is being happy and naive, though, he can be serious when needed.

*Training his abilities.
*Being useful.



A couple of daggers his father gave him that he carries hidden by his legs; According to his father: "to protect him from that spoiled city".


Born and raised in Chou-fleur, his father is a mercenary which always took nasty jobs and hated the King & Queen; he respects his father, but hates his job.
His father wanted him to be a top-class mercenary, so he trained him phisically but not mentally; instead, Richard partly absorbed the personality of his mother.
He liked cooking and worked at a Retaurant close to his home, and one day a noble that visited the place found his cuisine to be exceptional, and told him if he wanted to work for the King; his father, of course, was mad about this, but he knew that job will give him a "decent" living, so he let him accept it.
He dislikes his second name for some reason, so he usually presents himself as Richard Fawkes

So begins...

Richard Fawkes's Story