Modern-Victorian Era;Shiro Montige

(Not Done) The personal maid for Teacake&Rose

a character in “The Cromwell Estate - The Race To Be Queen!”, as played by AzaraGore

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Character Name: Shiro Montige
Nickname (optional): Shinta (a name given to him by Teacake)
Age (optional): 18
Gender: Male (Female)
Race (optional): Light Elf
Role/Job: Maid

Appearance;(Clothing, Looks, Figure)
Shiro has short black hair, pale blue eyes, and fairly tan skin. His normal attire when serving the girls is some black slacks, a white dress shirt, a garment button across the front that reveals just the chest, and some black dress shoes. He's a slender fellow, though his figure isn't the same as other boys his age -- his hips are slightly wider as well as his bust. He isn't fit, or have any well developed muscles -- actually Shiro is rather weak to be truthful, but he's still stuck with chores resulting in having to do some heavy lifting.



• Pain (masochistic)
• Sweets
• Girls
• Sleeping
• Writing in the garden

• Having to bathe (while Teacake is anywhere near)
• Grocery shopping
• Doing laundry
• Being away from the girls
• Being lectured by his brother


As a maid Shiro doesn't really need anything on his person. When assisting the cook the most he wields is a wooden spoon or some other sort of silver wear to help taste test the food before serving it to the girls.

Shiro always carries a small notepad and a small pencil that seemed to have been broken in half then sharpened to no end, did I mention it has bite marks all over it? He keeps them tucked away in his front pocket hidden just behind his garment.


Shiro and she brother, Gile were born into a family business of servitude to the Cromwell's. About two generations before them their family had a sort of wager with those of the Cromwell, betting their royal status all on a game of chance -- to see which of their offspring would marry first. Obviously the Cromwell's won and now their cousins serve them under their rule, this game however is still in play believe it or not it's just none of the Montige dare try to marry from fear of exile.

As a child Shiro and her brother were told this story many times, more of a bedtime type story but one without a happy ending however. But these heartfelt stories have inspired Shiro to pursue a career in literature, sadly she was denied even having her writings reviewed, women of this time didn't really have respectable jobs such as writing literature whether it be simple children's books or even documents for doctors.

So begins...

Shiro Montige's Story