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A rather small estate, compared to the one in the capital. It has few staff members but it's better than nothing, though it is oddly places a few miles off from the city itself in a clearing.

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Cadence Estate; is a part of Chou-fleur.


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This is the estate the Cromwell sisters will stay until they either wise up and prove their parents wrong or burn it to the ground, whichever comes first.
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In Character (IC) as Richard Fawkes:
After hearing what the two servants said, Richard thought that at least they were polite, well, at least one of them, as he heard what the other one whispered, but who could blame him for suspecting he was a spy?, he probably was just worried about the well-being of the...princesses?, "Wait, so, they are THE princesses?" he asked, "Wow, I didn't think I would be cooking for them; though, even if they are royalty, one of them is kind of...rude" he said remembering the previous events in the dinning room, "As for today, I prepared a soup which everyone has found it to be far; you can go ahead and try it for yourselves, hope you like it if you do" he said with a smile on his face.