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A small town placed at the seas edge, it is the only town that grows the rare white-cherry blossom trees. They only bloom during the spring and they glisten in the sun and moon light. A lot of nobles have turned the place into a Paris like hot spot.

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Chou-fleur is a part of Hausse.


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This is the town the sisters reside, it is one of the four that is located in the province of Hausse. The place has mixed attribute, it was once a very peaceful location until the discovery of the rare white-cherry blossom trees. Now it is a hot spot for noble-men and travelers, the villagers earn a living crafting jewelery, creating custom outfits, and preparing rare dishes in restaurants for over paying customers.
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Setting: Chou-fleur2010-12-26 06:20:47, as written by AzaraGore
Long Journey To Nowhere Special.
Teacake Cromwell | Rose Cromwell | Max Laren | Lucian Willhoit | Alice Ivy Laroque | Mebit | Giles Montige | Shiro Montige | Richard Fawkes
After a long journey from the Capital to a small and somewhat isolated city, the sisters and their guards finally approached the estate in Hausse. Peeping and gasping at the change the city has gone under, the city was even more beautiful than it was the last time the girls were there. It was filled with the aroma of all sorts of foods, it was like their parents sent them to heaven on earth but they weren't expecting what was going to happen next when they saw the staff lined up outside the front door along with two other finely dressed females.

Side Note: The King & Queen can continue to post but they don't have to i they don't wish too~
As long as they don't interrupt what is going on and only have contact with those who are needed for this "Day" during appropriate times
(aka not butting into a conversation to get a hold of them) then they are more than welcome to speak with other characters. But they are to remain in the capital (duh).