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The capital! Where all the rich and noble reside! Such a beautiful place filled with the well-known families that have worked their way into the King & Queens good graces and were granted the privilege to live within such a prosperous place.

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Lunaire is a part of Mieux Angleterre.


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This is the capital of Mieux Angleterre, a well groomed city paved with stone and bricks. The houses are created with a modern touch, the 'castle' some would refer to it as looks more like a mansion than an actual castle. The capital has 4 different districts. (shopping) (residential) (downtown) (slums)

Here is where the King & Queen live, and where Teacake and Rose use to.
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Setting: Lunaire2010-12-23 02:06:05, as written by Cheeseymonkey
He saw a guard running up to the rooms door and interupted him. "What is the news soldier?" He asked. Max was a pretty high ranking soldier in the kings army. Though he was practically never near the capital and only at points he was their to give in his reports. The soldier panted and said "Raiders are trying to get in the city... When they infiltrated it the bigger group went away. The raiders are running freely in the streets." Max looked at the door. "I have given the lord my reports and when he is done go get them for me... It won't take long." He said and with that he ran to the entrance of the castle.

As he walked into town he was greeted by some swords. The raiders tryed hard to match the swordplay but Max of the elite force was always one step ahead of them. They were easily dispatched but no blood had been shed. The others seeing it felt a need to run away but got caught as well. "I wonder were captain lucian is." He asked himself. He shrugged and went slowly back to the castle.