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After exiting the unpredictable forest surrounding the hidden country you approach it's main road leading into the main district of the village that hangs over the outskirts of Mieux Angleterre.

Sovereignty: RolePlayGateway

Mieux Angleterre is a part of The Cromwell Estate - The Race To Be Queen!.


Places in Mieux Angleterre:

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You are now in Mieux Angleterre! Small villages occupy the outskirts of the country, border-lining the unknown that creeps within the surrounding forest. The villagers have mixed feelings depending on their placement in the hierarchy. Whether they be poverty stricken, just getting by living on a day-t-day basis, or those of middle class living a respectable life, and then there's the royals they all live within the capital of Mieux Angleterre along with the King & Queen, and their aides.
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