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"This town isnt big enough for two groups of supernaturals."

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Warton, Alabama. Is your typical, nice, holsome town. Its the kind with county fairs, family owned stores Etc. The town everyone dreams of with the white picked fences. That is until the Dammed come. The Dammed. The biggest clan, or Werewolves, Vampires, and Witches. In the world, and they've moved into our town. But its not the first time they have been here..

1867. Our town was called Mercy. A little town outside of Salem. We were in the middle of a depression.Thats when they came. They sweeped through, silently killing everyone around. Not carring about who found out. Most people didnt believe in Vampires, and werewolves and witches. But a few did, they called themselves the Order.

The Order is a group of humans, who were born to hunt down these creatures. A burn is incribed on their arms, so they can be told apart. They havnt been needed since 1867. But now they are. The legends of the Order has been passed down through the familys and once their children turn 21. They too learn of this. But now in the towns time of need. They must be called forth. The Order must be brought up to bring The Dammed down.

The Dammed. An organised group of Witches, Vampires, and Werewolves. They move from town to town. Never staying in one place. Because Warton, is their home, and they always find themselves back there. The are there for no harm..until they learn that the Order is back. And now the town with a hidden past, is about to get a wake up call.

**NOTE**: This role play is taking place in current times. Werewolves and vampire do not need a weapon to be blessed or be silver for them to die, thought it'll take more than one shot. Being blessed or silver weakness the creature causing immense pain, or may even kill in one shot. If you are a vampire, they can go outside during the day, but they start to burn. If they are in sunlight for more than a few hours, they die.

Leader Of Order:
2nd In Command For Order:
New To Town But Marked As Order:

Leader Of Dammed:
2nd In Command For Dammed: Isabeau Uriki
New In Dammed:

Neutral: Jinx/Echo [Me]


Don't godmod, be creative with your characters, and please even it out between the order and the damned

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