IwatodaiKiyoko Senimes

Someone gets excited in a chapel yard and catches a bouqet. Another lays a dozen white roses on a grave

a character in “The Dark Hour”, as played by chocolateloversuntie

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Character Skeleton:

Name: Kiyoko Senimes
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Image

She has dark brown hair that falls down her back. Blue innocent eyes and a trusting smile, she looks like she would never be able to hurt anyone. Kiyoko is small for her age. She ussauly wears a tank top with jeans.

After School Club?: Band(if that counts) student council, and sports like soccer and track.
Personality: Kiyoko, like her name means, is a 'pure child'. Even if she comes through rough times she keeps her head up and doesn't let it affect her. If youdon't look down, you can still keep going. She is very athletic, fit and likes to play guy sports no matter what people say about her size.
Hobbies: She enjoys playing clarinet and violin. Reading is another big part of her life. Also she loves writing.
Likes: Writing, Reading, Sunsets and birds
Dislikes: Cruel people
Weapon: A bow and Arrow and dagger
Background: She was abused as a little kid, but never showed any sign that it affected her.

Persona Name: Chikara
Persona Description: Image

A massive lion, almost as big as the small Kiyomi herself.
Persona Arcana: Strength
Persona Skills: Full Analysis Swift Strike Double Fangs (Weakness is Dark)

So begins...

Kiyoko Senimes's Story