MagniaCliff Flynn

a character in “The Dawning”, as played by ShadtheWerepire

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Age: 20
Gender: Male
Tall dark and hot. He has dark purpleish hair and matching purple eyes, he's skinny yet muscular and a decently tall height.


Rank: Kenko (Master warrior high magic)
Side: Sun Defender
School: Magnia
School Title: Master

Cliff is a generally friendly person with an occasionally dark sense of humor, his experience in the Sundefenders makes him pretty well known amoung them. He's finished with his training and so he has his own students who he trains with constant teasing and tests. Cliff tends to break the rules and brings his students with him on important missions to give them some on the field experience. It's risky but so far he's never let someone die while he's in control.


He's stealthy and shadow like allowing him to slip in and out of places without being noticed. His powers involve memories, more accurately erasing memories. He can wipe someones memories from them and leave them empty or he can just take away a set amount of time, a disscution, or an event. He's also very fast and when combined with his memory erasing skills he can jump around from place to place erasing the persons memories of the last place he was which becomes extremely confusing for his opponents. he uses eye contact to erase memories because it doesn't waste his energy that way, he can do it by longer distance or without eye contact but it takes a lot of energy. Gererally dual weilds daggers but will use some metal needles he keeps in his shoe in case of emergencies.


He used to live with his family and little sister who he cared deeply about. One night when he was 13 he was met by a Sun Defender who wanted him to leave with him Cliff ran inside his house and told his sister Maye about it asking if she wanted to come with him on the adventure he was going to have she said no because she was too scared so he erased her memory of the conversation so she couldn't tell their parents and ran off with Sun Defender. He was trained for 5 years and has been training others for 2 years, he has been sucessful in many of his missions and is prepared to do anything to take down New Dawn. However he greatly regrets leaving Maye behind, even if she didn't have powers he missed her and figures that by now she probably doesn't even remember him.

So begins...

Cliff Flynn's Story