Venenburg, AustriaCaleb Latham

Why are all hunters killing the demons that want to help?

a character in “The Demon Hunters”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Age 18
Gender Male
Race: Human
Appearance Around 5' 9'', Weighs 180 lbs and glasses. Relatively muscular. Messy brown hair
Clothing: Simple T-shirts and Jeans. His Glasses (transition so shades in the sun light)
Weapons: Paired Swords (One Handed Broadswords. Half Blades see "Avatar: The Last Airbender" Zokus blades)
Abilities Sword Play, Mathematics, Gymnastics, Diplomacy
Weaknesses: Scent of Blood
Likes: Friendly Demons, Sensible Hunter, Sword Play
Dislikes: Unneeded Killing, smell of human flesh
Personality: Social, Nerdy but protective of his friends. Uses references to many abstract source more Comic books and manga.
Background: Caleb lived a nice peaceful life. playing video games, card games and the like, but when he turned 13 his parents started training him to be a hunter. Only part way through his training his parents were killed and he became the family hunter but only killing those demons that threatened the life of humans. The only person he really talks to now is Mira.
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Caleb Latham's Story