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I didn't mean to burn you.. I just have no control....

a character in “The Department of Occult Warfare”, as played by It's_Gen

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Adela Alba




Supernatural abilities:
Pyrokensis, Adela can control her fire to an extent. If she is overly emotional or overwhelmed she can shoot fire from her hands. Adela accidentally sets things on fire often if she is familiar with the object or knows it well.

Adela can move faster than the average human, although she has barely developed this
Power and is honestly quite useless at using it. Usually it's only noticeable when you throw something at her or the back or her head and she'll catch it.


Control of fire.
Adela is mentally strong, she wont give up.
Adela is a very good driver.
She is very good at reading people and can pick a liar a mile away.
Adela although physically weak is a very good runner.
She is highly intelligent.
Quick and agile.


She gets overwhelmed and Over emotional easily.
She is Physically very weak. Put her up against an opponent minus her fire and she will definitely loose.
Adela gets very tired and passes out when she uses her powers for extended periods of time.
Adela finds it very hard to trust people even people she loves.
Adela is easily spooked and gets scared easily.
She has a short temper.
She is scared of so many things that it affects her ability to see a situation objectively.

Adela has a fear of needles, she becomes physically Ill and unable to perform even the simplest task when there is a threat of them and has been known to pass out of vomit.
Adela is afraid of water and Ice as it counter acts her power and hates feeling totally helpless.
Adela is afraid of rejection and is scared of being alone.

Physical description:

Adela has dark unruly and wild hair which throws red in light or at certain angles. Her hair frames her face and cascades down her back in curls and waves. In contrast to her hair is Adela's pale skin, it has translucent qualities making her look either ghost like or sickly depending on the light.

Her eyes peek from behind thick black lashes, the color changes from blue to green. Her eyes seem to reflect that of ice rather than fire, the only trace of any heat in her eyes or facial features are they small auburn specs surrounding her iris. Her eyes pierce through even the toughest of men. Her eyes scream helplessness and have doe like characteristics to counterbalance her glare. Her lips are full but small like the rest of her features they are red and chapped because she chews on her bottom lip out of habit. Her face is petite and pixie like and her features delicate. Her nose upturns slightly and her cheek bones are high. She is very petite and is physically unimposing. Adela stands at 4"10 and 87lbs. Adela has long legs which are out of proportion to the rest of her body. She has rounded shoulders which roll in making her seem even less of a threat. She wears a thin gold necklace that hangs under her clothes.

Personality traits:
Adela is unimposing and quiet. She is easily scared and hates to be alone. She is a people pleaser and likes to keep every one else happy. She has a gentle nature yet has a temper if you anger her. She thinks a lot about life and people she looks very vacant but in reality she is taking in her surrounding and the people in it. She is calculated and think about why she says of she says anything at all. She is scared and honestly needs someone to Guide her through, she is also vulnerable and seems helpless until she spontaneously sets something on fire. she Even though she does not openly show her love or care, people are what she values most in her life. She is highly imaginative and likes to draw and play piano. She sings and plays piano when no one can hear. Adela hates being in a tight place and will do anything to get out. Because
Of her small statue people protect her and baby her, she doesn't have a problem with that but hates being pitied because of her power. She will deny her power to anybody. She wants to be normal and live a normal life without her freakishness. She craves love but shuts herself off to most people not giving them the chance to know her, she chooses to be generic so they can't remember her. She wants to be part of the crowd and her power has ruined that for her, she is bitter and angry because of it. Adela hides because she is scared to loose anybody close to her. She hates what she is and starves herself as a form of punishment.

Adela's family Is wealthy and upper class. Her mother died when she was 14. That affected greatly as she was close with her mother she was the only one she confided in about her power. When her mother died she cut off her hair and died it black, started smoking, drinking, got a eating disorder and sleeping around. Adela got a reputation for her rebel antics and bad behavior. Her dad put his foot down when he had to bail her out of jail, he sent her to a councilor who put her in hospital and she was forced to eat. She put on weight again but started starving herself again out of a form of self harm. She blamed herself for her mothers death and the details surrounding her death are sketchy at best. Her dad now has a gold digging girlfriend. Her dad works continually and once he found out about Adela's power has basically disowned her. All money was cut off and when she was taken to the department of occult her father didn't put a fight and "forgot" about his only daughter. Adela drinks so she isn't scared or ashamed, she becomes someone who is loud and bubbly and gets the guys. She use to sleep with guys as an attention seeking thing, she liked it when they called her names and needed her. But now she doesn't do that anymore, she Had a pregnancy scare and has since stopped sleeping around and doesn't drink because she knows she will do something stupid.


Day of captivity: (Please give us a detailed outline of the day you were approached by the Department of Occult Warfare.)
January 17th.
Adela sat quietly in her room dabbling on the piano she was learning a new piece, her hands flew gracefully over the keys. The sun shone through the window burning her translucent skin, she turned her face away from the heat. She hated the feel of the heat burning her, it reminded her of what she didn't want to be. A knock at her door made her jump and the piano notes stopped suddenly. She walked down her stairs slowly, her house was eerily quiet and empty. Adela's heart raced as she peered around the corner. The floor boards creaked as her feet walked unsteadily across it, a silk nightgown hugged her small almost frail frame. She had only just woken not so long ago and her hair was even more out of control than usual. The sun came streaming through the living room windows an she watched as her hair threw red and she light danced around the room. She didn't bother smoothing it down as she opened the door. A man in black stood holding a weapon. Adela screamed and fire shot from her hands burning a near by bush.
"knew it" the mans deep voice bellowed, then everything went black.

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