Eazazil al Ghul

"Life hurts a lot more than death."

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So begins...

Eazazil al Ghul's Story

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Juniors laugh made the invisible vein on the side of Kaina's head twitch as she closed her eyes for a second in order to hide a much exaggerated eye roll that she held in ever since Alex and Nathaniel began their kiss. It was an odd feeling at the pit of her stomach but she ignored it and blamed it on the alcohol as she leaned into Petra. "I swear if I have to keep hearing his laugh whenever I'm around him I'm going to start wearing my earphones." she whispered while actually rolling her eyes a bit, not being able to help it any longer. "Looks like someone isn't having a good time." joined in Eazazil as he smirked towards his twin and Petra tapping his left ear. Kaina almost forgot that her brother had his senses enhanced which also included his hearing. Eazazil greeted Petra with a kiss on the cheek before coming around and placing his hands on his sisters shoulders. "Sorry Maxi but I have to barrow my dear sister here." he smiled tightly at her trying to use that as a signal of sorts as his hands lightly squeezed Kaina's shoulder and she already knew what was going down.

Her somewhat relaxed body quickly tensed and her eyes instantly grew cold and distant. She gave Petra a kiss on other cheek and bid her goodnight before Kaina stood up in the middle of Nathaniel's and Alex's kiss and walked off with her brother. The two entered the elevator and when they did that's when Eazazil pulled out the small piece of paper from his pocket that was neatly cut into a square and folded. "She want's us to track down and kill Titus Lavoie. An assassin who went rouge after murdering his mentor . . ." he trailed off looking over to his sister who began reading the Arabic scribbled on the paper. "One of Nyssa's best henchmen." he looked forward again when the elevator gave out a ding signaling that they were at Kaina's room.

After confirming what his brother said was true not that she doubted him Kaina stalked off into her space and headed straight towards the kitchen where she grabbed a lighter from the drawer and lit the little note on fire then tossed it into the sink. As the paper burned Kaina and Eazazil walked into the small training area Kaina had in her place and opened a metal like closet revealing their work clothes. The twins got dressed rather quickly and when they were finished Eazazil walked back over to the kitchen, turning on the sink and letting the charred remains of the note flow down the drain. After he gave a nod towards his sister Kaina sheathed her sword with a satisfying sound and made her way back to the elevator with her brother in tow.

As they waited for the elevator to hit ground floor Eazazil deiced to strike up a brief conversation. "Soo, how was the party? Anything juicy I missed?" Kaina gave a smirk and rested her hand on top of her katana's handle. "Well as you saw they were playing spin the bottle." Eazazil gave his sister a rather surprised look. "You were playing spin the bottle?" he sounded as if he couldn't believe what he was hearing. "THEY, were playing spin the bottle." she lied, somewhat. Kaina did spend more time observing the game or rather a certain red head than playing herself so she didn't really count that as playing. "Mhm." Aza casually said with a sly smile on his face as he looked forward, the doors finally opening.

As soon as they stepped out into the Lobby J.A.R.V.I.S came over the intercom announcing the curfew and that's when the lady at the front desk locked eyes on the twins. Kaina looked back with her regular emotionless stare but Eazazil smiled towards her as he walked up to the desk. "We are expected back home tonight." Aza paused for a second as he smile towards the desk lady. "Our father, Bruce Wayne gave us the okay and told us that everything would be taken care of down here." The red head at the desk visibly became nervous when Aza announced that they were Bruce's kids. She typed away at her computer all while Eazazil worked on his phone away from the woman's view. He had actually gotten so good at hacking in the last two years that he hacked his father's email and sent an email to the front desk giving her the okay to let them leave.

As soon as the lady at the front desk received the email Aza deleted all traces sent from his fathers email to begin with so he wouldn't know before turning his attention back to the front desk. In a bit of disbelief the woman nodded at them. "Alright it looks like you guys have the okay, have a nice night and see you again tomorrow." with a charming smile from Aza he thanked her and the two walked out the front doors where two men in the signature league outfits appeared from out of nowhere. "Waritha" they both greeted while bowed on one knee. With a wave of her hand Kaina dismissed them then wrapped the crimson around her like a mask before pulling it over and creating a hood. Eazazil pulled on his mask but whispered something all to familiar to Kaina's ears. "Alwahdat hi alquww" he said and Kaina simply responded back with the same "Alwahdat hi alquww" which in Arabic meant Unity is power. Something they have been saying to each other since they were young and adapted to saying before missions.

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Frankie cupped her hands together while rocking back and forth onto her heels. She usually was patient but at that particular moment she wished more than anything that the damned elevator would arrive before someone showed up. If she had her webshooters she could just jump out the window or something else stupid and reckless like half of the others. But generally when going to a party that doesn't cross one's mind. She started chewing on her bottom lip but only for a moment before huffing softly when she heard feet approaching.

"Hiya Frank." Matt said as he came into view beside her, giving her a half smile. "Do you mind if..." He motioned towards the doors.

Frankie's rising tension disipated with a soft smile when she saw it was someone who wouldn't set her teeth on edge. "Oh hey Matty." She brushed her hair behind her ears before nodding. "Yeah of course... As long as we don't talk about the party." She gave a weak laugh and an exasperated smile.

Her attention was then drawn towards Elizabeth who joined them as they waited for the terribly slow elevator. "Weird party, huh?"

Frankie gave an awkward laugh while rubbing the back of her neck. Before she got a chance to reply another person joined the group. "Green is more my color than yours." Her brows furrowed as she crossed her arms over her chest. Junior then leaned over her but Frankie stood her ground not giving an inch while staring straight back up at him. "Though it's not Alex's color either. Maybe that's what Bane sees in both of you."

She'd be lying if she said she wasn't jealous of the kiss shared between the two. It was obvious and even psycho pants over here noticed it but Frankie couldn't fight her urge to defend herself, Nathaniel and even Alex. "Yeah? And red isn't your color... But I still have an urge to see you covered in blood." Her hands moved to rest on her hips as she took a step towards him so her chest nearly pressed to his. "And his name is Nathaniel."

She wanted to smack his crooked little face all down the hallway. It took a lot to get her mad, she usually was as much of a threat as a bunny rabbit, but Junior knew how to press someone's buttons and Frankie was fuming. She was contemplating saying something else, maybe even surprising half the world and slapping the grin off his face but a hand appeared on Junior's shoulder and pulled him back. "Relax, Sergeant. We were just having a friendly conversation."

Freddie moved in front of Frankie separating her from Junior. "Hey!" She jumped to try and look over his shoulder at the Joker who was probably enjoying this way too much. "I was about to kick some major Psychopath ass." She pouted slightly. Was that the truth? Probably not but she felt like she was on a roll.

"So Stark said that I'd be expelled on my first day if I didn't snag a date to the dance and you get to be the luckiest girl here and go with me." Freddie's... order? took Frankie by enough surprise that when she was about to rant some more about kicking Junior's ass she froze her mouth agape just staring up at Freddie. They had been friends for longer than she could count so of course he came and asked her because it took no effort on his part.

Before she had a chance to reply Junior had to pipe up once again, "Oh my.... This night is full of illogical ships."

"That's it!" Frankie jumped, reaching her arms over Freddie's shoulders as she tried to grab for Junior. "I'm going to strangle you with a balloon animal!"

Saved by the bell... Or ding of a slow elevator. Probably J.A.R.V.I.S.'s idea of a joke. Frankie grunted angrily as she entered the elevator, then held it open for everyone... Well everyone except Junior. She put out her hand to stop him before furiously clicking the "close doors" button. "Take a hike before I actually try to kill you." Sure she was mad but she didn't actually try to inflict serious damage. If she did, well it would have happened. Even though she wasn't as strong as her father she was still stronger than any human and contrary to popular belief, Junior was just an insane human like his father.

Frankie glared at Junior as the doors closed separating them. She let out a soft sigh and remained silent in the elevator. She wasn't in the mood to deal with anyone at that point. So once it opened on her floor she mumbled a soft, "Good night." To whomever was on the elevator with her before disappearing down the hall and into her room for the night.

Wren was surprised Christian didn't just about hurl himself over the balcony when she sat down beside him. She wasn't trying to scare him away or instigate the symbiote but just... Be there. "I can imagine...I understand the want to die, the desire for an end. I wouldn't want to last forever...not like this, it would be the ultimate nightmare."

She nodded her head while pursing her lips slightly. "Yeah..." Wren hated the whole "indestructible" part of her life she inherited from her dad. Of course it is, theoretically possible for her to die.... Maybe. But as far as her and her father knew, there wasn't anything yet. So she was stuck to live and keep on living past everyone. That's one thing no one realized about her, why she annoyed everyone. Part of it was just Wren being Wren but another part was to keep others away. It's easier being immortal when you don't have anyone close to you to watch wither away.

When she took his hand, Christian actually looked over at her and smiled, which Wren in return couldn't help but smile back. "If it's any consolation...I am sorry for what I said. When I feel something in the moment I just follow it through. Then sometimes I think I feel certain way but then it ends up being different. These feelings usually start out as something small...then they get bigger, and alot of it is......influenced......But I try to be in control of myself, it just isn't always easy. But...thank you, very much...for everything."

Wren smiled, giving his hand a squeeze and even nudging his shoulder with her own in a playful way. "I'm sorry I made a show of everything... And don't understand the concept of personal boundaries at all..." Her free hand scratched her head as she laughed awkwardly. "... And kissed you..."

As the balcony door opened, Wren quickly withdrew her hand from Christian's like she was caught in the middle of something she shouldn't have been. She cupped her hands together and cleared her throat as Kallistrate stepped out onto the terrace with them. She dug out a hershey's kiss for Christian before speaking, "She's right you know. Friends are crucial, especially doing what we do... Enjoy the chocolate. And if you ever find you have a hankering, I always have some." She smiled towards them both which Wren returned with a slight wave of the hand. "Enjoy your evening." With that Kallistrate went over the edge.

Wren was about to say something most likely sarcastic to lighten the mood but was interrupted by someone else joining them. "Oh, sorry! Night, guys, it was a great night." Mathias gave them a wave before jumping over the edge as well.

"I guess the party's over." Wren looked over at Christian laughing slightly.

Next Kari and Kumiko were at the balcony. At this point Wren was slightly rubbing her temples half covering her face. She wasn't embarrassed to be seen with Christian or anything like but more of the mess she made earlier and the whispers she probably dragged him into unintentionally.

"You are missing some interesting stuff inside." Kari said before climbing up onto the railing. "Great party Wren, as always. Good night guys."

Wren just watched as she too went over the edge. After a moment or two she looked over at Christian with a confused scrunched up face. "Does no one take the stairs anymore?" She then stood up and walked over to the railing, resting her hands upon it before looking over. "I mean damn... I could jump over the edge too but then they'd be cleaning pieces of me up for weeks." She pivoted around to lean back against the railing to look over at Christian. "And a fall like that?" Wren motioned over her shoulders. "I'd be sore for days."

With a sigh, Wren walked over towards him, giving his foot a light nudge. "Thanks for coming to my shit storm of a party." She laughed before offering him a hand. "I'm sure after what I put you through that guy could use some rest."

Wren showed everyone who remained in her penthouse out of the party before J.A.R.V.I.S. got his circuits in a twist. Once everyone was out she groaned seeing how messy her place was. The one down side of being a party monster was the after party, a.k.a. clean up. Considering it was rarer than a hillbilly in wallstreet for Wren to actually be tired enough for sleep, she cracked her knuckles. "Let's get down to business." She then did a couple karate moves in the air while singing, "TO DEFEAT THE HUNS!!" Wren laughed at her own joke, dabbing at the fake tears. "Right? Right?" She looked around and her grin quickly faded. "Oh... Right, I'm alone."

The Next Morning...

Wren spent a majority of the night cleaning up the mess left from the party. With as much as she hated the clean up you'd think she'd stop throwing parties, but that was never the case. By 4 a.m. she was finished. Contemplating what do for the remainder of the evening she made her way over to her book shelf and started fingering through its contents. She knew every book on the shelves and read them all at least 10 times through. All the books had cracked spines, loose pages and looked like they were over a century old. But Wren refused to replace them because the wear just showed her love for them.

While fingering over the spines trying to find the night's winner she stopped upon a peculiar title. She grinned to herself as she tore it from the shelf and made her way over to her desk. Wren dug through her drawers until she found a piece of paper, a pen and... An empty red gift bag? "What the-?" She held the bag while looking up, "Well played 'oh majestic author'... Well played."

After scribbling a message in her almost illegible handwriting, Wren put the note under the cover of the book then shoved the book into the bag. She then headed out of her penthouse and down to Christian's. She wasn't going to knock or anything. Wren wasn't wanting to bug him but wanted to make up for half dragging him to a party he didn't want to go to in the first place.

She stopped outside his door and set the bag on the ground. Inside... a very worn copy of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and inside a note that read... "Can I call you Dr. Jekyll?" Signed, "That annoying red head who doesn't understand personal boundaries." Wren was never very good at apologies. She hoped that this would get a chuckle out of him and not make him hate her more. But this was just how she was.

After leaving the shitty idea of an apology in front of his door, Wren decided not to go back to her penthouse. Instead she made her way down to one of the simulation rooms and decided to train, work out or whatever else she could do to make the time pass.

Frankie was up before the sun was. She honestly didn't know if she ever actually fell asleep or more of tossed and turned in her bed. She didn't know why the events of the prior evening were getting to her so much. But finally she couldn't handle it anymore and got out of bed.

For months she had been working on an equation to figure out the exact last moment she could release her webbing to save herself from a fall. Her father didn't approve of this, with good reason. He thought that experimenting with something like this could end badly for her if she miscalculated. But Frankie was determined to find the solution thinking it could help her, her father and Anansi in sticky situations.

Finally, Frankie thought she found the answer and programed her watch with the equation so that it would use her altitude, acceleration, velocity and gravitational pull to give her a to the millisecond count down of how long she had to deploy the web. This included the time it takes for the webbing to release from the shooters, fly through the air and grip onto a surface above her. But like any good equation it wasn't good until proven accurate with an experiment... And Frankie has always been a little more reckless than her father.

Frankie found her way to the top of the Descendant Tower. She methodically checked her watch while bouncing back and forth on her feet while shaking her hands. "You got this!" She checked her pulse while jogging in place. "It's just like any other jump." She continued taking deep breaths trying not to psych herself out. "Oh for heaven's sake!" Without anymore hesitation she sprinted towards the edge and dove off.

She brought her wrist before her as she fell. Her gaze continuously shifting between the watch and the quickly approaching ground. The digital read out showing... 10... 9... 8... 7...

Enzo slept well past what was probably acceptable and he didn't care. Well that was until J.A.R.V.I.S. decided to make an alarmingly annoying announcement at 10:30 a.m. which Enzo deemed way too early for such disturbances.

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Stark and Mr. Wayne wanted me to inform you that you all were given a day of leisure in preparation for the anniversary ball tomorrow evening. You are permitted to travel to town, train or do whatever it is that you all do with your free time. They also wanted me to notify you all that every student, even those who missed the simulation or failed are allowed to attend the dance. Those who previously were not permitted to go will simply be on clean up duty when the festivities have concluded. Enjoy your free day."

Maybe it was the mention of a free day that made Enzo get out of bed or the simple fact that the annoying program already disrupted him beyond fixing. Either way he was in no mood to even get dressed at the time being. He simply walked out of his apartment in just his pajama pants, no shoes or shirt and made his way to the elevator. Once he was on it, he pressed the button for the mess hall level before yawning and slipping his hands in his pockets.

When he arrived in the cafeteria area, Enzo walked towards the buffet still yawning and scratching his bare muscular abdomen. "Any new sad excuses for food?" He looked towards the woman who worked the food counter. She seemed unfazed and emotionless like a statue. No doubt she was more than used to statements like that from Enzo. Sure he could cook his own food in his room but that took effort, so instead he came down here and bitched to the people who dealt with shit heads like him on a regular basis.

"Yeah... Arsenic." She said with a monotonic voice before handing him a plate of his usual breakfast of an omelette and bacon.

"Delicious." Enzo scoffed before grabbing an orange juice and making his way to a table. He probably would have died laughing if there was actual arsenic in his food. They all were too valuable to throw away by poisoning them... Even if they were dicks.