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Green grass, a beaten dirt trail leading to a creek behind her house, a crooked smile with a dimple winking at her from the right side. These were all details Liz had fleshed out of the memory she’d spent the better part of a month trying to dig out of her subconscious. Meditation helped the process, which explained her position levitating over the bed, and Liz was eager to reclaim this one. Memories of Anna past eleven were particularly difficult for Liz to access, and in this one she looked thirteen.

“He’s cute right? I mean his ears stick out a bit, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for green eyes!” The ghost of her once best friend giggled with a younger version of herself, the pair goofing off in the wooded area by the creek behind her old house. The image seemed to stall, blurring around the edges whiled the sound jerked and repeated like a scratch on a vinyl record. Objects in the room began lifting into the air, mirroring her frustration as she tried to siphon more of the memory through the crack she’d made in Xavier’s mental wall. The block he’d made around this part of her mind was particularly thick and resistive, making any scrap she managed to pull from behind it a hard won battle.

“Are you going to go with Jordy? Sam told me he’s going to ask you.” Anna asked, her voice sounding warped, but gaining a semblance of clarity by the end.

“I’m thinking about it. Man, those eighth grade girls would totally go nuts if they saw us walk in with Jordy and Mark though wouldn’t they.” Her younger self laughed with a grin that was a little too self-satisfied.

“That’s their problem.” Anna laughed as she jumped up on the fallen log that made a makeshift bridge across the shallow creek. [b][i] “School rules say seventh graders can go to the spring formal if we’re one of their dates, so they’ll just have to go pout in the corner while Mark and I are slow dancing!” She intoned dramatically as she walked across the log, brown eyes dancing as she practically bounced with excitement.

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. It is now 13 00 hours. I have been requested to inform you that class will begin in 15 minutes on floor L1. Attendance is mandatory. Those whom do not attend will have to answer to Mr. Stark and Mr. Wayne."

The sudden announcement broke Liz from her meditative trance as she and several of the objects that had begun joining her in the air fell back toward the floor.

“Damn it…” Liz growled in frustration. She’d been in the middle of a breakthrough with this one, and there was no telling how long it would take her to get back to that point after being interrupted. Liz debated whether or not to just skip the assembly in favor of trying to strike the iron again while it was still hot, but dismissed the thought. The trouble such a move would bring was assured, and the damage was already done. Even if she tried going back in now, there was no telling if it would actually produce anymore result.

So instead, Liz raised her mental shields, building their strength back up so that the thoughts of her peers were nothing but a dull puttering noise in the background while she moved down the halls toward the elevator. The ride down was unfortunately not a quiet one, as a certain bob of pink hair bounced into the elevator with her before the doors closed. The ride down the elevator seemed to take forever, as Cree’s mind was as persistently active as her mouth. When they finally opened at the bottom, Liz moved more quickly than she had in a while toward the classroom, losing the younger girl in her wake.

Liz did not carry weapons, considering it was her mind that could do the real damage, so her interaction with Alfred was a short one as he nodded her into the room. Sitting alone wasn’t something that bother Liz, and when she saw Magni sitting with Wren (whom she might have sat by otherwise), she seriously considered it. Then she spotted Tommy dozing in the back corner, and decided he was as good of company as any. Liz didn’t wake him as she took her seat, if he wanted to talk to her, he would, and she didn’t mind silence.


Lucretia Luthor wouldn’t describe herself as a morning person by any stretch of the imagination, but she was also a person who’d never been able to sleep in past eight. Whether that was her father’s influence, or some odd quirk with her own internal clock was debatable, but the result was the same regardless. Cree, as she preferred to go by (Because who actually wants to be called Lucretia?), had been up for hours by the time the announcement came over the intercom in her work shop. The interruption wasn’t particularly welcome considering she’d only gotten through about half the coding for the behavioral parameters in her latest project, but it would have to wait. Plugging the robotic K-9 skull into the computer she’d loaded exclusively with her own diagnostic software, Cree ordered a ten hour scan going over the work she’d finished on the AI’s mainframe. She had a feeling this was going to be a long session.

Once that was done Cree grabbed her supplies, pink gauntlets and mechanized looking backpack included. She wasn’t sure what the odds of her getting to keep them were, but she saw no reason not to go in prepared and see what she could get away with. When she reached the elevator, she was just in time to catch a ride down with Elizabeth Grey. Cree wasn’t particularly close with the other girl, but she saw no reason not to be sociable. “Hey Liz, hear anything interesting lately?” Her efforts were rewarded with a shrug, so Cree took that as an invitation to switch topics. “Have I told you about my latest project yet? Ah man this one’s a real doozy, synthetic fur and everything!” And with that she launched into a one-sided conversation about the most recent developments on her robotic dog. When the elevator opened on the bottom floor, Liz bolt like Cree had the plague. Too used to the behavior to really be bothered by it, Cree followed at a slower pace, reaching the classroom a few moments after Liz had gone through.

“I’ll take the guns please Miss Luthor, and the pack. Stink bomb do in fact constitute as a form of weaponry –yes I checked, and more importantly I find them rather unpleasant to clean up after.” Alfred intoned with a bit of dry humor as he gestured for her to hand them over. Cree pouted, being a particularly vocal opponent of this rule. “Tell me how that’s fair?” Cree grumbled, gesturing to Liz and Magni. “What happens if one of those two pops their lid and goes all berserker on us?”

Alfred merely raised a brow, making it clear her protests would go nowhere. Grunting in displeasure, Cree made her way into the classroom. When she spotted Max Stark, her mood lifted a bit. I bet he’d appreciate how awesome Einstein’s going to be once he’s finished! There were few people she could talk shop about robotics with at this school, much less complex AI programming for an authentic K9 personality matrix. Max Stark however, was one of them.

“Starky!” Cree exclaimed, bounding toward the older boy. “You are never going to guess what I got Einstein to do today!”

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Liz found the thought of Magni dancing more comical than she cared to admit considering her dislike of the Asgardian. The image of the mighty Magni in tights and tutu begged to be shared, but she made no further comment on the matter. Tommy had a tendency to engage in the kind of brooding that lashed out at others, particularly those trying to get close to him. Liz wasn’t about to judge someone for that all things considered, but she’d prefer to keep Anansi from becoming one of its targets. If that meant letting him focus his frustration at her, Liz hardly minded. She knew why he felt the way he did.

“Perhaps, but what happens when the day comes where we don’t have them, even temporarily? Powers become like a second limb, an integral part of our existence, much less sense of self. We reply on them, and that’s a weakness. Take them away -and there are ways- and it can cripple. Sometimes it even breaks them.” Liz intoned, not all the way there. Some of the chairs in the classroom, empty and occupied, began to shake, a few even lifting a bit into the air. They continued like that for a moment before a scarlet flash streaked across the classroom. Liz blinked, and the chairs settled back into place.

Liz’s mind was drawn back towards her companions as she felt Tommy focus on Matt. It was an aggression that was perhaps misplaced, but Liz wasn’t about to tell him how to feel. Liz felt his thoughts turn toward her slightly, picking up on his mental message. She shrugged, finding the thought amusing, and her lip even curled conspiratorially. You’re better off wreaking havoc with his apps.

It might have been because of her conversation over robotics with Max Stark. Maybe it was the fact she’d spend all morning deep in coding mode while isolated in her lab. Whatever the reason, as Ethan Drake dropped his gorgeous pajama-ed self down next to Max with a completely socially acceptable, if a bit generic, greeting, Cree devolved in to full on psychobabble mode. Seriously, it wasn’t pretty.

“A vector pointing in the direction opposite that of gravity. Or a preposition, depends context…” Her comment hung awkwardly in the air for a moment as Cree processed what had just come out of her mouth. The attempted recovery didn’t fare much better.

“Hey Ethan! Where’s your suit? Not that you don’t look good in pajamas or anything, because you do. Nice fit.” Cree assured quickly. “The suit’s just more skin tight you know, so it’s better…more aerodynamic…” She finished lamely. Dead in the water Luthor…

The arrival of Elizabeth Natchios into their little group interrupted her embarrassing commentary, but was hardly a welcome addition, at least in Cree’s mind. There was a mutual dislike that existed between the two girls, and Cree honestly didn’t know what Max saw in her. At least outside of that whole blonde hair, blue eyes, classically beautiful thing she had going on. Cree wrinkled her nose at Elizabeth, not missing the look miss hyper-organized shot at Ethan. Either way it wasn’t Cree’s job to screen Max’s friends for him, he was a big boy and could make grown up decisions for himself, but that didn’t mean she had to like them.

Cree might have even said something to that effect, were it not for the fact her chair started shaking and lifted a good three feet into the air. “Newton’s hairy butthole! WHAT THE HELL LIZ?!” Cree wasn’t afraid of heights or anything, but being lifted into the air by someone’s mind without warning had a startling effect. If she didn’t want me to talk to her on the elevator anymore, she could have just said so!

It only lasted for a moment before Cree and her chair were dropped back on the floor. “Jesus, someone ate their Wheaties this morning…” Cree uttered as she clamored out of the chair. She suddenly felt the need to have two feet firmly planted on the ground, and standing would do just fine.

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If you die in there Anansi, I’ll rip him apart in ways even he can’t find funny. Liz swore mentally though their connection, though her eyes were fixed on the clown. The reassurance had been for Anansi’s benefit, but she made sure Jr. could hear it too. Liz was not as inherently hostile toward their resident joker as Anansi. The two had a grudging respect for the other’s capabilities, and while Liz would never call him a friend, there was a kind of secret appeal to sparing with someone no holds. Occasionally, their little game could even be entertaining, but if even one trigger happy finger was directed threateningly toward Anansi, Liz had no qualms practicing her telekinesis on Jr. Contorting him into a human pretzel was an art he might even appreciate.

As her companions began to move off toward their own partners, Liz directed her attention to her own unfortunate match up. There certainly were weaker or more volatile partners she might have been matched with, but Adrienne Strange had a way of getting under her skin. For some people, it would never matter that Liz craved the feeling of quiet in her own mind that most sane people took for granted, and it certainly didn’t matter that Liz almost never had the motivation or desire to dig through someone’s head past the surface thoughts she could never fully drown out. To them, the mere fact that she could do it was enough to make them cringe away from her, and it was a feeling she loathed. People with secrets, or even just an intense sense of privacy, would always resent her for something she hadn’t done or couldn’t control.

Even in those years she’d spent at her lowest, a mere shadow of herself within her own home, guarded eyes had followed her steps. And Scott Summers had so many secrets. His affair with Emma was one, shameful and partially known, except just how long it had gone on. Then there was the hypocritical resentment he felt toward Jean for the affair she’d had with Logan. Jean knew of course, at least partially, but then her shield were so much better than that of the younger budding telepath in his house, and mind reading was bad for a marriage. Whether purposely overlooked, or willfully ignored, the sheer depth of his bitterness was a subject locked tightly away. But of all those secrets, the one Scott Summers had always been the most afraid Liz would uncover, the one he knew Jean would never forgive him for, was that he wished she had died. Liz had been conceived, carried to term, and born while Jean was in the Phoenix state. No one had known if a human baby could even survive through that process, and Scott Summers had hoped, prayed even, that she wouldn’t. A part of him had always known, even then, that he wasn’t the forgiving type. Living with a constant reminder what Jean had done would make doing so impossible, but Scott couldn’t live without Jean. Liz always found it ironic that the only reason she knew any of that, was because he spent so much time worrying she’d see it within his mind in the first place.

I’ll meet you on our floor. Liz spoke in Adrienne’s mind as she headed for the door. The threat of being banned from the dance didn’t really faze Liz, but Anansi would want to go, date or not, and wouldn’t like it if all her friends weren’t there. Because of that, she wanted this exercise to go off without a hitch. And try not to cringe. We don’t know what we’ll be facing in there. Telepathic communication may be a vital advantage.


As far as graceful recoveries were concerned, Cree had managed better. Clinging to a chair like some chick with aviophobia before practically leaping away in front of a boy whose freckles she’d spent a bit too much time fantasizing about, only served to magnify her embarrassment. Ethan’s friendly concern was sweet, but didn’t do much to disguise the reddening of her cheeks, especially since it clashed with her hair.

He got up from his chair as she hit the floor, he moved over to her, clearing over-reacting about the current situation, "Are you alright, Cree?"

”Me? Yeah, fine, downright peachy! Utterly unbothered by…spontaneous lack of gravity…so cool…” Cree trailed off, eyes locking with Ethan’s. Would he be offended if I told him he had puppy dog eyes? That’s usually a compliment right? They’re all cute and brown and totally innocent looking. Honestly, who hates dogs, it’s totally a compliment!

Cree was luckily spared from uttering said compliment as Coulson detailed what their assignment was going to be for the day. Save the civilian was hardly an original training premise, but it was a classic. What really got her attention though, was Coulson’s banning of even her most basic tech, which meant she was going in totally blind. It was a situation she hardly found fair, and she pouted all the way through stripping off her gauntlets and taking out her contacts. At the mention of a dance however, Cree perked up, eyes straying to the closest Drake twin in his very casual duds. It was a pleasant thought for after class though, as the groups were announced and the crowd began to thin. Cree waved bye to Ethan and wished Max good luck, especially as they found themselves in roughly the same boat, before moving toward her teammates. As a rare group of three, there was a tactical advantage the Cree intended to capitalize on. Part of her wondered though, if that meant their course would be more challenging than average. Cree supposed they’d soon find out.

“Interesting match up here huh? You guys are both mutants, so that’s a plus. For sure, that’ll be good for any heavy lifting if there’s a combat element involved. I’ve been effectively neutered on that end, but I’m guessing if they threw me in the mix there’s likely to be some kind of tech based component. Any thoughts?” Cree asked immediately as she approached her teammates.

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Image “What does a guy normally do when he intentionally sits alone without a magazine or the internet?” Kain definitely meant it as a rhetorical question but had to eliminate the snide comments of another lonesome activity. “People watching. You sit back, relax and observe the events to unfold. Kinda tame but it can pay off.” Mathias seemed to follow the social appearances of Ichabod and Christian. Kain nodded slowly with a smirk. “Interest…" He was cut off by the commotion and girls defending some remarks towards Christian, that otherwise could have gone under the radar. “As I was saying…interesting huh?” Kain picked up and smiled. “And that's just the beginning. It's not even peak freak hour yet." And that was true. Come midnight, or any time when the alcohol takes its effects on those with the built up systems, things would get even more juicy and eventful. He then eyed Mathias up and down coming to pay attention to the absence of a drink in his hand. "You didn't even bring a peace offering."

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He didn't get much time to justify his innocence as Astrid admitted she was joking. And Matt had made it all the more weird by forcing laughter. He could see that and that was his cue to go.

Image"No it's just...Well it's just I've been standing here for a solid 3 minutes and Wren hasn't noticed me yet." He told Astrid lowly as she asked what the matter was. Matt hung his head down in defeat, praying for the strength he knew he'd need for this night. Slowly, he was able to glance back up to Astrid and twitch up half a smile. It was a sad excuse and something he ought to be a shamed of. Matt scanned her facial features for a moment before breaking character. "Now I'm kidding." He beamed. "It was just my escape from the awkward hole I had dug myself in. Of course it helps to move on to someone else straight away but everyone else has already kinda..." Matt entwined his hands as what he believed to be a convincing gesture of everyone else already bonding and grouping together. "See, I'm also bad at jokes." As if to ease the tension his hand naturally hit her lightly. Instantly his mouth fell agape and his hands hovered by her, unsure whether to offer a caring touch or that was the last thing she wanted. "I am so sorry."

It was then he also caught wind of a spin the bottle game, but he didn't want to turn or make eye contact with the suggester. For the person sake and the game itself. He raised his brows then grinned again to Astrid. "And where does Miss America stand on such a game? Mm. Vodka breath."

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Rather than take on board the whole locking her out of the party aspect, Lilith paid more attention to the butt aspect. Caleb looked around, embarrassed by her excitement towards her interpreted compliment, though he meant nothing by it. And when he thought things couldn't get worse, Caleb leaned back towards her as she motioned for so. "Wren would. If you ruin her penthouse outside of party standards, even your charming fat grin won't win her over." Now she was countering his points? This was just hitting poor irony all over. "Now..I'm gonna get a few drinks and then we can dance." Like she had held his attention down the halls, she held it as she weaved her way through people at the party. Then something in him clicked. 'Then we can dance'. He really wasn't much of a dancer. And sure it was flattering but he wasn't entirely comfortable with it.

Caleb tried to bury himself within the crowd while he was out of range from her more passive abilities. But there wasn't really a way to blend in standing at the height he did. So he found himself moving toward the billiard table Enzo was using. They weren't on great terms but he'd be a good buffer. Meanwhile though...Caleb might as well tried for some conversation. "You missed a riddle today." He said. "Or trick question." Caleb personally wasn't sure what it qualified as.