The Incredible Hulk-Girl; Jennifer Banner-WIP

The Illegitimate Daughter of Bruce Banner

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a character in “The Descendants”, as played by The Watcher


"Whenever I was little, all I wanted was to be special enough to be adopted... I guess I got my wish."

Jennifer April (Maye) Banner


Super Human Strength
Super Human Stamina
Super Human Resistance
5'3" / 6'1"
118 lbs / 190 lbs

~Quick Witted~ ~Open Minded~ ~Forceful~ ~Moody~ ~Reserved~ ~Cautions~ ~Pessimist~ ~Powerful~

Thunder Storms
Music (Most Kinds)
Tea (any Kind)
Winter Mornings

Video Games
Playing Piano

Arrogant People
Extreme Heat
Feeling Trapped
People in her head
Smell of Onions

Losing Control
Total Darkness
Losing People


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The Incredible Hulk-Girl; Jennifer Banner-WIP's Story

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#, as written by mjolnir
The Descendant Academy



Descendant Academy. School for the lucky few who are the offspring of the worlds leading heroes, superheroes, villains and vigilantes. Unlike any other schools, even Xavier's school for gifted youngsters. Here they are raised, trained, educated and prepared for what the world has in store. Some preparing to take up their parent's places, while others make their own identities. Each student here arriving at different points in their lives. But that's irrelevant.

It's another day just like any other in the Academy. Phil and Alfred take the elevators down to floor L1, making their way to the lecture hall. As they made their way down the long corridor, Phil glances over the paperwork in his hands while speaking, "J.A.R.V.I.S.?" "Yes sir?" He flips over another page in his folder before adding, "Send out the alarm." "Of course sir." After a moment or two J.A.R.V.I.S.'s voice rang throughout every room in Descendant Tower, "Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. It is now 13 00 hours. I have been requested to inform you that class will begin in 15 minutes on floor L1. Attendance is mandatory. Those whom do not attend will have to answer to Mr. Stark and Mr. Wayne." Phil clears his throat, "J.A.R.V.I.S..." The computer's voice adds in his announcement to the building, "Mr. Coulson would also like me to remind you that even the children of Mr. Stark and Mr. Wayne are subject to equal punishment for not attending. Thank you."

Alfred made his way around Phil, removing his key from his lapel, sliding it into the deadbolt and unlocking the door. He stood there, holding open the door for Coulson. "Such a late start today?" Phil laughed slightly while walking into the room, turning on the lights. "Well they aren't going to be happy about today's assignment. I figured I'd at least let them sleep in before they decided to hate me for the day," Phil smiled towards Alfred. He then walked up to the desk at the front of the room, setting down his files as Alfred enters after him asking, "May I ask what is on the agenda today?" Phil double checks his papers before replying, "Exercise 23."

Alred glanced over his shoulder at Phil, "I assume I'll be needing the crate?" Coulson chuckled as he took a seat at the front of the room. "I told you they weren't going to like us today Al."


T H E 0 M O U T H

# B B 1 4 1 E

Deadpool suit, top portion hanging on hips, black sports bra & Ray Bans

Wren never did sleep like everyone else did. The last time she remembers actually sleeping she was probably a teen and still adjusting to her strange abilities. But for years her stamina has made it nearly impossible for her to get tired enough to need sleep. So while everyone else usually slept she would wonder around Descendant Tower, read books or find something else to occupy her time. If one of her classmates saw her during that time that'd probably have a heart attack because she usually is silent... Sometimes. Ok well she talks to herself on occasion but that's not her fault she'd mentally unstable.

That evening she spent her solitary time reading Homer's the Iliad. Light reading right? Having as much free time as Wren had she had plenty of time to read books, and she didn't believe in reading the same book twice. She hadn't realized how much time had passed or how engrossed she was in the book until she heard J.A.R.V.I.S.'s announcement. Wren looked over at the clock on her wall, "1 o'clock already? Jesus Homer... Stop being so needy I have places to go." She slid a book mark into the novel, slightly frustrated that she was so close to the end and had to stop. "We will continue later Homes." She sets the book down on the window seat and walks over to the closet that is her bedroom in club of a penthouse.

Wren grabbed her suit that her father gave her from the closet and tossed it onto the bed. It wasn't always her favorite thing to wear but in this place, curve balls were thrown at them when they least expected it, and she'd hate to be caught off guard in jeans. Have you ever tried to kick ass in skinny jeans? Not that easy. But that didn't mean she wouldn't make the suit her own when she wore it. Wren wiggled into her suit, but only wore the pant portion leaving the top half to dangle from her waist like many people wear their overalls, her utility belt holding it up. Deciding to keep it simple she only wore a black sports bra as a top, not really giving a rat's ass what anyone would say. Wren definitely wasn't one to wear the cliche mask unless she went out in public, so she just tucked it away in her belt.

As she made her way towards the elevator, she grabbed her ipod and sunglasses from the table near the doors, then pressed the down button. While waiting Wren put on her Ray Bans, and put in her ear buds, pressing shuffle. The elevator opened as the song Chandelier by Sia begins to blast in her ears. She enters the elevator, pressing L1 before she begins to go down. As she slowly makes her descension, Wren begins to bounce around and dance to the music.

The doors open up to the main hall that leads down the center of floor L1. Once the doors were open completely, she slides out into the corridor like Tom Cruise belting out the lyrics to the song, "I'M GONNA SWINGGGGGG FROM THE CHANDELIERRRR!!!! FROM THE CHANDELIERRRRRR!!" Wren bobs her head, twirling and strutting down the long hallway not caring who sees her. "Help me, I'm holding on for dear life. Won't look down, won't open my eyes. Keep my glass full until morning light, 'cause I'm just holding on for tonight, On for tonight, On for tonigh-" Just as she reaches Alfred who's standing outside the classroom, she freezes mid-step, mid-song and mid-dance when she sees the crate sitting on the ground before him.

Wren pulls her earbuds out, "Al... please tell me you're just pulling a prank on me?" Alfred sent an apologetic smile towards her as he outstretches his right hand towards her. "I'm afraid not Miss Wilson... All weapons please." She rolled her eyes, scoffing slightly as she grabs the pair of pistols from her thigh holsters, setting it in Al's hand. He set the gun in the crate, then looked back towards her. "What!?" Al cleared his throat, motioning for her to hand over more. "Oh for fucks sake!" She reaches behind her back grabbing the pistol that was tucked into the back of her pants, setting it in his hand. She then bends over pulling 2 bowie knives that were tucked into her boots. Wren then holds out her hands before rotating in a circle so he can look her over. "Did I pass the inspection?" Al managed a soft chuckle before extending his hand once more, "Phone too miss." She growled, squinting her eyes as she set her phone in his palm. "You're lucky I like you pops."

Now that she was completely stripped of every comfort she had on her other than her clothing, Wren made her way into the classroom. She didn't hesitate to walk right up to the front row center, spinning a chair around so she could sit on it backwards, straddling the back. "You know, if we wanted to kill each other we would've already."


T H E 0 B R A I N

# 4 F B 6 1 4


Black slacks, spats, black silk shirt with green question mark pattern, green suspenders & green bolder hat

Enzo, unlike most of his classmates, had his shit together for lack of a better term. He knew when class was before the bogus announcement from J.A.R.V.I.S. He was sure at that moment many of them would be stumbling out of bed and rushing to get ready and get to class in time. The thought made him chuckle as he finished shaving his face, then rinsed his face with water from the sink. Enzo looked back up at his reflection as his ran his wet hands back through his hair, slicking it back as he walked back out to his bedroom. Making his way over to his bed, he pushed his suspenders off of his shirtless torso letting them to fall to a rest on either side of his legs. He grabbed the black silk shirt covered with the green question marks, slipping his arms into the sleeves before he began to button it.

Enzo always enjoyed playing with the stereotype his father started behind the Riddler persona, taking pride in dressing similarly to how his dad used to. He always dressed in formal wear so it wasn't much different except everything he owned was either green, black or purple and almost always had a question mark on it somewhere. After all, he is the Riddler right? When his shirt was buttoned, he tucked it into his slacks, then tugged his suspenders back up. Tucking his cane under his left arm, he made his way towards the elevator. Enzo pressed the down button before reaching over and grabbing the green bolder hat that hung on the coat rack. And for his own amusement he flipped it up in the air, catching it perfectly atop his head just before the doors opened.

Patiently, Enzo road the elevator down the many floors towards level L1, resting his hands on his cane that he had standing before him. As the doors slid open he slowly made his way down the long corridor. The only sound to be heard was the clicking of his dress shoes on the tile and the tapping of the cane's base in sync with his stride. Upon reaching the class room he saw Al waiting. Enzo raised a suggestive brow before rolling his eyes. He didn't need to wait until Al extended his hand towards him to know what he wanted. Reluctantly, he held out his golden question mark cane. "Not a scratch Al."

After forfeiting his weapon Enzo entered the classroom, seeing the rather enthusiastic Wren sitting up front, seemingly bothering Phil. No doubt she was complaining about the restrictions to firearms and weapons in the classroom that day. Luckily for him, she was too preoccupied to notice his entrance and he'd rather keep it that way. So as quietly as he could, he slipped into a chair towards the back of the room. He then leaned back in his chair, crossing his feet and entangling his fingers in his lap patiently.