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The Desert Pilgrims » Places

Places in The Desert Pilgrims

This is a list of locations that can be found in The Desert Pilgrims.

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The Mojave

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         The sheriff reclined in his chair as Marina and Jack left his office and then ran his hand over his head once. He then pushed himself up to his feet and headed towards the door. As he neared the door, it swung open to reveal one of his deputies, an enthusiastic young man named Brendan. He was a little clumsy and a little overweight and Finley had to straighten him out on occasion, but he meant well, and he was good at his job, all in all.


"Careful," the sheriff said, stepping back half a step as the door blew air into his face.

"Oh, sorry!"

"What is it?"

"Miss Gunn is with Doctor Gutierrez in her office, and they're with some new people."

Finley pressed his fingers into the bridge of his nose and sighed, "Alright. Go find Walter and talk to them. Can you handle it?"

"Yeah, of course." Brendan's face turned to that of concern as he looked to the sheriff, "Are you alright?"

"Fine. I just need to take a break."

"Okay. We'll take care of it."

"Thanks," the sheriff said, patting Brendan on the back, earning him a smile from the chubby young man.

Finley trekked across town to the building that he called home. His mother, Sharise, and Deandra, the woman who was bearing his child, also lived there.

The latter was seated in the kitchen area. She stood and waddled over to him, raising up on her toes to give him a kiss, which he returned with less than full effort.

"What's wrong?" she asked, sitting down next to him when he took a seat on the nearby couch.

"It's a pain in the ass being sheriff, you know that?"

Dee looked into his eyes, not humored by his poor attempt at a joke.

"I've got to have a talk with Callum," Finley admitted after seeing her face.

"About what?"

"Jack. Gary."

Dee then simply nodded. She knew that he didn't like to talk about work, and the private affairs that the town often came to him with. He was grateful that she knew his position.

Gently, she put an arm around him and he tilted his head so it was resting on hers. Then he closed his eyes.

Callum hadn't returned when Zoey had led Theo and Barbara back to the mayor's building. She took a seat at her desk and smiled to the pair, "You can sit down," she said, motioning to the chairs nearby, "I'm sure he'll be back soon enough."

And sure enough, just minutes later, the aging mayor stepped in through the door, hung his hat up once again, and turned to greet the two sitting down, "Ah, there you are. Please, go into my office." Then, he turned to Zoey, "Thank you."

He closed the door behind him and took a seat, the other two doing the same immediately afterwards.

"Barbara," he said, looking to the woman, who nodded.


"I prefer to go by Theo or Ted."

"Very well, Ted. I'll get straight to it," Callum announced, placing his hands together in front of him. "We have some visitors from Garland, the nearby settlement founded by Robert Garland. One of these visitors is his son, Michael, who has told me that his father wants to meet me. For what, I don't know, but it could prove advantageous for both of our settlements. I have spoken with Miss Gunn, and you both come highly recommended."

First, he looked to Barbara, "You for your negotiating ability. I don't predict any sort of hostility, but it doesn't hurt to have someone else there as well."

Then, he looked to Theo, "And you for your combat skills. As I said, I don't predict any sort of hostility while in Garland, but the trek is a potentially dangerous one, and even with Michael Garland's bodyguards present, I would feel more comfortable with someone from town around."

"Obviously, the decision is ultimately in your hands, but I would be greatly indebted to you both, especially if this meeting goes well. What do you say?"