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Captain Jack Harkness

"Hey kids. Did you miss me?"

236 views · last seen in The Universe
a character in “The Doctor is back!!”, originally authored by Forensic_Anthro, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Captain Jack Harkness


Age: Older than you can imagine.

Personality: A carefree man with a light heart, Jack Harkness is charming, clever, bold, and rash. He would do anything to bring back Ianto and the death of his lover still pains him. He would be willing to sacrifice his life for his friends, even if he wouldn't come back. People may question his sexuality, but if asked directly he would respond with the term 'Omnisexual.' He is a bit of a joker, but has a dark side and some secrets that he would prefer to keep to himself.

~ Ianto
~ Flirting
~ His gun
~ The Doctor
~ Music
~ Dancing
~ Time travel
~ Danger
~ Rose

~ Boredom
~ Stubborn people
~ Suicidal people

~ His signature pistol
~ Anything he can get his hands on

~ When he dies he comes back to life a short while later and any deadly wounds he sustained are healed.

Bio: Jack has traveled for short periods of time with almost all of the Doctor's regenerations and considers himself the Doctor's best friend. He knows his way around the TARDIS like he knows the back of his hand, and even has his own room. A couple years ago (from his perspective) he left Torchwood after Ianto, Owen, and Toshiko died. He traveled aimlessly for a while, occasionally crossing paths with his old friend, Captain John Hart. Finally, he returned to Earth and found this whole zombie mess and decided to try and use it to find the Doctor. Of course, he did.

So begins...

Captain Jack Harkness's Story