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The Element Project » Places

Places in The Element Project

This is a list of locations that can be found in The Element Project.

All Places

Element Lab and Testing Facility

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{Blake Thorne}

Though the pain bothered him very much, given he had such a terrible limit on how much damage could there be for it to start to hurt, he threw the problem off his shoulders for a short while to witness Adie pulling off a wonderful pyro display. Flames that emitted from her hands danced and flickered all around, burning whatever's in its way. But what caught his attention the most, okay! Scratch that. What caught his ears' attention the most was the sound of an explosion.

Oopsie dasies.

Please, duck for cover.

With another scream of his, the voice of fear pierced through the now smoky area. In truth, once the clouds of 'something-went-wrong' wavered in the air, disappearing into nothing, you can find him crouching in the ground like Sonic would do before doing his spin dash, hands over head too. "H-Hey! Are you sure with what you're doing h-here...!?" He asked, trembling just a tiny bit. He stopped his blathering sooner when he noticed the funny sight of her hair being burnt slightly.


With a silent evil smile, he crept over to Adie, her back facing him. He took off his soaking jacket and.......


He yelled in glee, slapping the dripping jacket over her head, letting the water flow down to her face. He believed that some steam was actually present on contact.....Ooh. In a second, he dashed over behind the twins wide a wide grin.


Practice Hall

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{Blake Thorne}

After arriving at his destination, he bent down a little bit, hands to knees and all as if tired. He puffed up quite a bit and contemplated how far away was Adie away from the three of them in the first place. Wheeewie! He stood up once more, quite properly now to observe Adie who was looking at herself quite pleased with her fire creation. "Y' seem to indulge yourself in this much, huh?" He raised a brow with a slight chuckle. "Alright, be back in a minute and--" He said so tiredly as he jogged back to Abbo and Saeword. Something tells him that apparantly, he would have to do this routine more than once to see everybody perform their thing. He was excited to see Wicca's too! Along with Rick and Alexis of course!

Huffing as he ran, he went over to them, not seeing the puddle of water between the twins. He called out to them after." Hey guys! Performed anything awesome ye--?"



"Iyaaaah!" He screamed, well it sounded like a scream at least, as he was flipped back, a slip, caught in mid air for a few seconds before laying his back against the ground with a 'thud' along with a soaked jacket. The water dispersed from under Saeword as Blake groaned slightly, rubbing the sides of his body if not the back. "O-Okay, that hurts....."

Show Your Stuff!


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{Blake Thorne}

The scientist raised a brow, clearing his throat afterwards and nodded as to signal everyone to leave. Only a grin remained for Wicca to ease her mind about holding his hand. 'I mean, psh-- Mom does that all the time!'' He spoke at his brain, seeing really no wrong to it. Noticing now the action of Adie, walking towards the door in a quick pace, made him stiffle a little chuckle.

"You look like you want to ignite those fiery engines as soon as we get there, Adie!"

Just to check up on everyone else, he turned his head slightly to a certain angle to see Abbo and Saeword just right next to them. "How about you, guys? I wanna see Saeword pull of that flood you were talking about! And Abbo? I think I-I'm convinced your power's good already. No need to test your body defense. Hehe, yep....."

Where You get food

The Dorm

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         {Wicca Hawthorne}
Wicca slowly walked down the long hall of The Dorm, currently she was being escorted by one of the Scientist.
"Alright you bloody savages" the Scientist growled "you all have a new recruit introduce her, make her feel welcomed and all that jazz" he pushed her into the room and walked off. Wicca scanned the room trying to memorize all the faces she have seen then slowly she cowered into a nearby corner.

Living Quarters Of The Test Subjects