CaliforniaAkira Elric

A cautious but strong fire elemental.

a character in “The Elementalists”, as played by allimagination

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Name: Akira
Age: 18/19 ish
Gender: Female
Orientation: Doesn't currently want a relationship so not sure but pobably bisexual
Personality: Caring and loyal Akira can make friends easily but prefers to stay alone or with a small group of friends. She's very intuative and often notices things others miss. Akira can't stand to see people get hurt for her and has a short temper. Although she's impatiant she hides it well and people feel comfortable confiding in her. Akira is not comfortable with her powers yet and prefers not to use them. She's willing to participate in almost anything as long as she's sure no one will get hurt.
Likes: Reading/studing, playing her DS, listning to music
Dislikes: Rudeness, dishonesty etc, large crowds
Biography: Akira was found by a river on a stormy day when it was due to overflow. She grew up in a orphanage/boarding school, she has a few friends but mostly keeps to herself. When asked how she came to the orphanage Akira's answer is always truthful or no answer at all. She has high marks in all classes including sport although she's not very fond of it. Due to her abilities Akira takes on extra classes most of which are based around theory/magic this is frowned upon by her superious but she is very strong willed.

Element: Fire
Powers: Can understand and speak every language (including animals and sometimes plants), teleportation, telekinetic
Skills: Smart, fast, knows marchal arts, high pian tolerance (yet to be realised), can drive both car and motorbike
Weapon: A whip, and a lighter

Strengths: Creative, fast learner
Weaknesses: Can't stand other's being hurt fot her, short temper and attention span, her powers scare her
Fears: Not being able to control her power's

Relationship status: Single...for now
Romantic interest: I don't know
Current relationships: Harry (a boy at the school)-is crushing on her but she's not interested
Detailed appearance: Glossy dark red-brown hair cut short and smooth except for the haphazard strands that fall in her face to form something vaguely resembling a fringe. Hard indigo-blue eyes set in a fine featured face often displaying an expression of knowing. (Akira Takano from School Rumble.) Where's simple clothes and no jewlery exept the strage collar that she was found with, it grows with her and can't be removed.

So begins...

Akira Elric's Story