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{"To me, having an ultimatum is better than not having a plan. Right now, I'd rather take chances and risk the consequences then have to wait it out.” }
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|{Full Name}|
Gaige Elizabeth Walden

No legitimate nicknames, (Gaige will do just fine) however, her parents used to affectionately call her "Lizard" when she was younger due to her middle name, Elizabeth.

January 1st, New Years Day.

American. Raised in London, England since she was eight years old.


Daughter of Man

|{Reason for Being on the Aerie}|
Gaige claims to be on the Aerie for "research purposes". Not only is she spending her time on the Aerie studying the angels, but she has also issued a deal with them: if she can come up with scientific breakthroughs that grant angels greater strength, (or eliminate their weaknesses,) she will be given an angel's protection, and will be allowed to stay on the Aerie in freedom. Little do the archangels know that Gaige is actually a spy for the resistance. In addition, she believes that her mother is being held captive on the Aerie. Unfortunately, she doesn't know this for sure.

The twenty-two-year-old has a very different interpretation of angels than most human beings. She is fascinated by the archangels, and wants nothing more than to learn all about their history and culture. She believes the reason why people are so afraid of the divine beings is because they present a feeling of uncertainty, and display the unknown in a very blatant way. However, Gaige isn't crazy. She knows what the angels are capable of, and has witnessed their power first-hand. She understands the corruptness of their world, and comprehends the threat they pose to humans. Obviously, she sides with angels who care for humans, such as Godric, and tries to distance herself from the winged creatures who act otherwise. However, she knows that she can't be afraid of the angels who view humans as being worthless. After all, she is a Daughter of Man, and must learn how to deal with all sorts of archangels, even if they mistreat her.

To put it simply, Gaige's relationship with the resistance is very shaky. Although she has pledged her allegiance to them, there are ways in which they think that she doesn't necessarily agree with. As for the eccentric rebel group, she views them as being insane and ruthless criminals who want nothing more than to seize power on Earth. In fact, she's more afraid of the rebels than she is of all of the cold-hearted angels combined.

{"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious” }
-Albert Einstein



|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
▪ Gaige has a mild case of schizophrenia, and will talk to herself on occasion.
▪ She changes her hair color every month.
▪ Although she's not a pack rat, she has a tendency to keep large collections of various items, such as mugs, hats, glasses, and other novelties.
▪ Unconsciously, she stands in a military fashion with her hands clenched together behind her back.
▪ Can recite whole scenes from her favorite movies by memory.
▪ There is a little bit of English mixed into her primarily American accent, making for an interesting dialect.
▪ She can juggle and hula-hoop...at the same time.

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|
⚘Gaige is a woman of science. She has degrees in both chemistry and engineering, and can create beneficial experiments. Her specialty is in designing medicine, as she used to put her skills into the pharmaceutical department before the angels showed up on earth. She loves it when people challenge her to make things, as she enjoys being dexterous.⚘
⚘From multiple athletic activities in her youth, she has become very flexible and agile. With a small stature, she's a hard target to hit when in motion. ⚘
⚘Like most of the other Sons and Daughters of Man, Gaige displays multiple levels of intelligence. Not only is she knowledgeable in the science field, but she's also very witty, cunning, and socially adept. A visionary, she can see possibilities everywhere, and can come up with good ideas almost randomly.⚘
⚘Generally speaking, she can understand new concepts quickly, and with great depth. Learning fast is something she's repetitively had to do.⚘
⚘Strangely perceptive, the young adult has an aptitude for accurately sizing up a situation. Although she'll ignore them at times, her gut feelings are usually correct. ⚘
⚘A little talent that not to many people know about is that Gaige is actually a very good dancer. Being confident and not afraid to let loose every once in a while has also made her attain a good stage presence whenever she is in front of some sort of an audience. ⚘

|{Flaws || Weakness}|
⚘She may be fast and flexible, but she is by no means a master of combat. She's better at fleeing from a dangerous situation than defending herself through one.⚘
⚘As previously mentioned, Gaige is a schizophrenic. She will zone in and out at random times, talking to herself in a strange and disturbing way. Sometimes, this prevents work from getting done.⚘
⚘It's the scientist within her that makes Gaige such a curious being. At times, her curiosity can get the best of her, leading to extreme naivete and an overly-trusting nature.⚘

Besides the scientific, studious things that she does, (such as reading large textbooks about quantum-mechanics,) Gaige has a knack for poetry. Not only does she write her own, but she also performs spoken word poetry in small places like coffee shops to earn extra dough. She's been writing since she was eleven as a way of escape from her drama-filled life, and realized she was actually good at the art by the time she reached secondary school. Besides poetry, Gaige also has an extensive knowledge of video games, action films, and 80's music.

øBurns-the form of pain Gaige believes to be the worst.ø
øScorpions, tarantulas, and poisonous snakes.ø
øHarrowing heights.ø
øThe Rebels.ø
øHaving what's left of her family destroyed.ø

✤ Her real name is not Gaige Walden. In fact, the only real part of her name is Elizabeth, her middle name. She made up the name Gaige Walden not only because she expresses deep hatred for her real name, but also because she needs to keep her identity a secret.
✤ Keep her identity a secret from what? Well, not only is Gaige a spy for the resistance, but she is a former hostage from the previous headquarters of the angels-the one that was attacked and ultimately destroyed by the resistance. She escaped with a few other slaves while chaos ensued. Although she doubts the uncaring angels would remember her face or her real name, Gaige believes that she must take precautions just in case. After all, she doesn't know what her punishment would be if the angels found out.
✤Gaige smokes when she is experiencing anxiety. She's done a better job at quitting nowadays, but it's still something she ashamedly does every so often. ✤


{"Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” }
-Zig Ziglar

{Curious, Cunning, Perceptive, Confident, Sensible, Mysterious}

Despite reoccurring isolation, mistreatment, and negative experiences, Gaige has always maintained a confident and optimistic demeanor. Even though her posture implies a committed, down-to-earth, and sensible young woman, (which she is,) there is a look in her eyes that displays a free-willed and almost childlike aura. From the peculiar way she dresses herself to the many quirky items she collects, it is not unusual for strangers to perceive her as being more wild than what she really is. Once they get to know her, it surprises people to find that she is actually exceptionally well-mannered, and wise beyond her years. However, Gaige is not afraid to let loose every once in a while. Her ultimate goal is to make the most out of life before it fades away, and she understands that the only way to complete that goal is to live. With bravery, positivity, and cheerfulness, she'll try to squeeze the juice out of every moment, and if she's lucky, she'll drag people along with her.

First and foremost, Gaige is a visionary. A scientist even at heart, she sees possibilities everywhere. She can't go a day without thinking or trying something new. Questions are things that frequently pop into her head. She is not cynical, but curious. She concerns herself with things not because she is purely skeptical, but because she wants to attain her own knowledge and experience. The young woman will not feel comfortable unless she is able to understand everything around her. Although this trait can put her at distinct advantages, it can also be dangerous. For Gaige, too much inquiry can lead to naivete and gullibility, obliterating her chances of making logical decisions. While she is busy grasping concepts, something may be happening behind her that can lead to her downfall.

Furthermore, notions and ideas are things that Gaige has always been able to apprehend rather quickly, and with extraordinary sagacity. In addition to being a quick learner, the young woman displays determination and a hard-working demeanor in most of her endeavors. If the task is something she enjoys, she'll get it done. However, if it bores her, she may get stuck in a pre-productive stage. She can't carry through with developing an idea if she does not find it enjoyable or worth her time. Sometimes, she will promise more than she can deliver, and will be caught with all work and no play. Gaige is flexible, adaptable, and dexterous. Mentally quick, not only is she adept at improvisation, but she is good at witty conversation as well. She is cunning, although she won't be deceitful unless she has a good reason to be. Extroverted, she feels much more comfortable communicating her thoughts to others instead of keeping them locked inside her head. Half of her mind is reasonable, systematic, and clear, while the other is imaginative, abstract, and philosophical. Therefore, Gaige is better at perceiving unsaid information than most, and can feel a dangerous situation moments before it arises.

In general, Gaige is laid-back. She's not one to stress during taxing or treacherous circumstances, and is able to pull through until she is safe. She tends to act first, and then feel once the pressure is over. Surprisingly merciful, getting Gaige to forgive your misgivings is easy. She's not one to hold onto the past, which comes as a shock to those who actually know her past. (which is not many) After all, she does give off a mysterious light about her, and is more interested in learning others' stories instead of talking about her own. She tends to have a neutral stance in most situations, and being a debater, she likes to know both sides of the story. She likes to talk about opinions, and sometimes she'll even stand up for the unpopular side just for the sake of the debate. However, this makes some people view her as being a reckless rebel. Although there tends to be a good amount of the populace that views Gaige as being untrustworthy, (as she is a human in a sea of angels) she is not a bad person. In fact, she is willing to put herself before others in a variety of situations, showing selflessness.

{"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” }
-Dalai Lama


▲Science▲Change▲History▲Poetry and writing▲Glass objects▲Unnatural hair colors▲Theatre▲80's rock music▲Poe, Emerson, and Shakespeare▲Herbal tea▲Graphic novels and comic books ▲Sunglasses▲Animals▲Adventures▲Skateboarding▲Traveling▲Charity▲Discovery▲Crafts and D.I.Y. projects▲Cities▲Classic video games▲The Beatles▲Friends and family▲Chemistry and Engineering▲Dancing▲Fantasy and Sci-fi▲Photography▲London▲Baking cookies▲Respect▲Doing back-flips▲ Challenges▲Black-and-white films▲The color orange▲Forests▲ Throwing pennies into fountains and making wishes▲Conventions▲Playing piano▲Sudoku▲Paper lanterns▲Flip-flops▲Wolves▲Hula-hooping▲Musical chairs (she always wins)▲Rubiks cubes▲Sushi▲Juggling▲Vintage cars▲Lava lamps and snow globes▲Stevie Wonder▲Gymnastics▲Creativity▲Her tattoos (x x x)▲


{"Blinding ignorance does mislead us. O! Wretched mortals, open your eyes!” }
-Leonardo da Vinci


▼Her bad habit of smoking▼Grammar mistakes▼Angels who view humans as being less than actual people▼No liberty▼Having to lie▼"No good deed goes unpunished"▼Fire▼Top 40 radio stations▼Repetitiveness▼Tight spaces▼Bullies▼Bigotry▼Cheaters▼Gambling▼New York City▼Giving up▼Too many rules▼One-sided debates▼Bitter foods▼Country music▼ Depression and anxiety▼All work and no play▼Unfortunate kids who die very young in life▼Lust and pride▼The rebels▼No imagination▼Getting stuck in elevators▼Drunkenness▼Orphanages▼Her biological father (although she tries not to dislike him)▼Her current position in the resistance▼Not being able to find her adoptive mother▼Her adoptive father's death▼Parts of her past▼Her schizophrenia▼High heels▼Tattered books▼Racism and discrimination▼Stage fright▼Those who dislike something simply because they do not understand it▼Torture▼Glitter▼Winter▼Greed and power-hungriness▼Bribery▼


{"“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.” ” }
-George Orwell




|{Place of Origin}|
Born in New York City, raised in London since age eight.

|{Family Tree}|
Lilian Schreiber // Biological Mother // Deceased
Travis Schreiber // Biological Father // Alive
Coraline Johnson // Adoptive Mother // Alive (Missing)
Michael Johnson // Adoptive Father // Deceased

|{Happiest Memory}|
Her happiest memory will forever be the first day she spent with her adoptive parents. Their warm and caring attitudes were such a big change from the malicious personalities she had known from the orphanage. They took her to Coney Island, and she particularly remembers riding a roller coaster for the first time with her father. She raised her hands so high on the drop, that she almost fell out of the car.

|{Saddest Memory}|

Her darkest memories used to be the days when the girls at her private primary school picked on her because she was adopted. They'd mock her American accent, make up rhymes about her freckles, throw food at her, and blame her for misdeeds that she hadn't even committed. Of course, all of these memories were thrown out the window once Gaige lost her father to the angels.


Gaige's history has made her become more aware of the simple yet overlooked injustices that lurk in our world. When she was born, her biological parents abandoned her on the doorstep of an orphanage for reasons unknown. Consequently, she was raised in a dirty, cold, and uncaring environment. The condition of the group home itself was absolutely disgusting, and the older children who had lived there for the entirety of their lives had morals similar to wild dogs. To make matters worse, the matron of the home was a prostitute, and usually drunk. For some reason, Gaige couldn't help but feel sorry for her. The other caretakers were no better. They'd never listen to the children's pleas, and some even hit the orphans if they saw a reason to. Putting the entirety of the scenario into one phrase, the orphanage in New York City was like hell on earth.

However, that changed for Gaige when she turned eight years old. Once she was adopted, the smog and piss smell of New York was swapped with the quaintness and posh nature of London. Her former rationale of survival soon diminished as she grew acquainted to her adoptive parents. Her father was a circus performer in West End, and her mother, a philanthropist in spirit, made a career out of physical therapy. Mrs. Johnson was the "bread winner" of the family, and as a result, was extremely busy. Therefore, Gaige often found herself in the arms of her father, and grew a tight relationship with him.

Her short years of primary school did not serve to be her brightest memories. Having no prior education, the girl struggled in class as she tried to grasp foreign concepts and formulas that other kids knew as if they were printed on the back of their hands. Sudden bullying also appeared in her all-girls private school, and Gaige soon remembered the same feeling of solitude that she had first encountered during her eight years in New York. However, with encouragement from her elders, she pulled through, and graduated primary as well as secondary school with high honors.

University went by in a blur, but the crazy-haired young woman eventually finished her education with degrees in chemistry and engineering. In addition to finding a job making medicines in the pharmaceutical department, she also found a career in writing, and made a name for herself by participating in spoken word poetry. (a form of poetry that is performed in front of an audience) Throughout this time, news of sudden kidnappings by strange winged creatures hit the news almost every day. Although slightly curious, she never really cared for the reports, as she had never seen the circumstances for herself, and didn't entirely believe that mythical creatures had come to earth. Everything seemed right in the world, and so Gaige decided that it was time to find a place outside of London to call her own. However, all future plans of moving were disrupted once the angels attacked.

This time, they hit harder than before. At first, her family managed to survive. Her mom was as busy as ever, what with all of the injured civilians. Her father, now retired, spent his time aiding the damaged community through various service. Gaige's workplace had been demolished from the attacks, and so she joined her father in assisting those who needed help. One day, angels raided the square in which Gaige and her father were situated in for the day. They ordered the crowd to come with them to their headquarters, where they were to be made hostages and servants. Mr. Johnson then stood up for himself and the throng, protesting over the angels' requests. He managed to stir up the crowd for a little while, but by opening up his mouth, he received the same fate as many others who had toyed with the angels' patience. He was stabbed through the stomach with a silver-blue blade, and painted the pavement below him with blood. Fortunately, Gaige was able to let him die in her arms moments before he passed away.

Working as a slave felt no different than being trapped in New York again. The young woman's master (an angel with a lazy eye and dark gray wings) was awfully cruel, and felt the need to kill servants who were too unhealthy or out-of-shape to work. With the tiny rations he gave to his captives, many died because of dehydration, malnutrition, and even disease. To keep herself looking healthy, Gaige did what the Jews had done during the holocaust-she'd prick herself, take tiny bits of blood, and spread it over her cheeks so that she wouldn't look so pale and dead. Eventually, she found her mother. (who had also been taken as a hostage after her father's death.) The mother and daughter stuck tightly together through the torture they experienced from their master.

Even though the feeling of hopelessness was present throughout everyone's minds, hope itself was far from gone. The day the resistance came and destroyed the angels' former headquarters, (before the Aerie) Gaige and a few others managed to escape while chaos ensued. Once she had returned to earth, the young woman was left in a weaker state than she had been in before. With no food, money, or other resources, she was alone in the wilderness. One day, she passed out in a forest, and a middle-aged man who smelled of heavy liquor came to help her. He took her to his small home, and was able to tend to her wounds and other needs until she was back in good health. Coincidentally, upon conversing with the man, Gaige realized that he was none other than her biological father. However, despite the fairy tale-like reunion that she pictured with him, Travis Schrieber only made things seem bleak. He revealed to his daughter that him and his wife had never even considered keeping the girl when she was an infant, as they knew she would be a burden for the poor couple. In his own words, Travis had told Gaige that she was simply an "accident", and that she shouldn't expect him to give her any sort of affection, because she hadn't earned any.

Later, she found out that Travis was actually a huge supporter of the resistance. Even though he claimed that she was nothing like a daughter to him, Travis tended to treat her like one. One day, he ordered her to join the resistance, or he would not grant her his hospitality any more. Because she had nowhere else to go and didn't feel like starving again, she took him up on his offer. Even though she felt like she was pushed into it, Gaige underwent the protocol of the resistance, and ended up becoming a trusted member. Because she dyed her hair unnatural colors, she was viewed as being "exotic", and was ordered to become a spy atop the Aerie. With her promise to make the angels scientific enhancements in one hand and her fidelity to the resistance in the other, Gaige has become an awfully busy woman. With her looming curiosity about the creatures who call the Aerie their home, every move that she makes is questionable.


{"“End of the human race is just part of an endless life cycle.”” }
-Toba Beta

“While bullets shower the earth
We turn our heads and cover our faces
Now flames devour the sky
And I hear these words in the back of my Mind

Here we stand at this fork in the road
We got no time to waste
Oh which way shall we go?
This old world's spinning out of control
Oh which way shall we go?
Which way shall we go?
I can't believe this, it makes me sick

Fresh smell of death on your tongue
You bait the hook and here come the children
Another grave stone to sell
While you get rich in the valley of hell


The devil's creeping
He's got us eating from his dirty hands
We feast on lies
Which makes it hard for us to make a stand
Out in the desert
There's a forest full of fallen trees
It's what they want
But it's not what we need

Screaming at the ceiling
Doesn't make it better
Slipped into a coma
Lost my favorite sweater
Ask them no more questions
You'll never catch them lying
It's time to make our move
And strike them right between the eyes”

{"There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception." }
-Aldous Huxley

❣She published her first book when she was finishing up secondary school. Filled with all different types of original poetry, Gaige entitled it "The Mindless Collection of a Mild Schizophrenic" Her second book is named "Backwards Clocks". She is currently in the middle of writing her third book. ❣

❣When she was younger, her father let her come with him to his job at the circus. Wanting to join in the fun, she performed as a clown for two years. She blames this past experience for her current eccentric personality and style.❣

❣When she was a child living in the orphanage in New York City, Gaige did not know her name. Nobody had ever called her anything, and the matron would keep telling her that she was simply born without one. One day, a girl was silently singing a song to herself. Gaige overheard the lyrics the ten-year-old was whispering, and decided to call herself by the woman's name mentioned in the song. It stuck, and now the name (Gaige's real name) is firmly printed in her adoption papers. ❣


Character Dialogue || #8C001A (Burgundy)

Face Claim || Hayley Williams


So begins...

Gaige Walden's Story


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{1,583 words | Sunset | The Aerie }

In a small shed-like structure situated a mile away from where tonight's party was being held, a short-statured young woman clicked on a video camera attached to a tripod, pulled up a chipped wooden stool, and took a seat. She stared at the camera for a few seconds, her eyes making out the reflection of herself resonating upon the lens. Before she began, she turned down the volume on her boombox, which was playing a staticky version of Dexy's Midnight Runners's "Come On Eileen" in the background.

"Gaige Walden's log, day fourteen, approximately 5:10 pm."

She sighed, and then continued on. Her voice seemed somewhat strained. However, it still produced an oddly charming, deep, and bright tone to her words.

"Today was a very mediocre day. Research was mostly unfruitful, although I did manage to draw up some formulas for elixirs, as well as produce some new ideas. I'll talk about those ideas later. Right now I'll go over details about project A.W.D.R.F., or Angel Wing DNA Reproduction Formula. It's coming along...alright." She blew a few strands of crimson red hair away from her face, and then continued. "I realize that in order to continue, I'm going to need blood samples from the angels. With all that's going on, however, I know persuading them is going to be an indescribable challenge..."

She gazed out a small window to her right, and inhaled a large quantity of sawdust-tainted air. If only she wasn't a human. If only she wasn't the minority - the scapegoat in this world of prejudiced winged monsters...then things would be much easier to achieve. After a brief moment of silence, she went on,"As for new ideas, I'm thinking of doing research on the angels' weapons; see what causes bonds and how they manipulate the bonds in their swords and whatnot. As for my personal life, I'm starting to get accustomed to everything on the Aerie. Life's getting easier, although I'm feeling more and more cramped in this tiny little space every day..." She looked around, laughing at how she had barely enough room to fit a bed. She had had to occupy a small sleeping bag kept in the far right hand corner of the shed. It was the only place where she could put it. Her laughter soon died down, and with a small exhale, Gaige pointed her gaze toward the dusty wooden floor.

"Oliver still hasn't given me any other orders yet..."

Oliver, Oliver Snow. Her leader. The face of the Resistance. He had sent Gaige into the Aerie to become a spy. She had obeyed his strategic orders, and traveled up into the angels' new headquarters without any complaints, bargains, or petitions. She had gone the extra mile - creating a new name and using her talents to mold a completely different identity. After two weeks, he hadn't supplied her with any new information. The positive part of Gaige's conscience reminded her that Oliver was a busy man. This silence and solitude on her end of the line was only a part of protocol. He was probably up to his knees with new strategies and battle plans. (the physical combat-stuff that Gaige couldn't do.)

The dark part of Gaige's conscience told her that Oliver hadn't given her any new info because he had simply stranded her, and was leaving her to die.

Her shoulders ached, as they had become tense with grief and other heavy emotions. Quickly, she ended her video log, and turned off the camera. She buried her head in her hands, and then turned towards the small window pane that projected gossamer-like light from outside. There was a party going on in some sort of manor right in the middle of the Aerie. The multicolored light that flickered every so often lucidly entailed that there would be fireworks. Fireworks meant festivity. Festivity meant something big. Gaige was extremely tired from her toiling research, and desperately wanted to sleep in. However, this was Gaige Walden, and there was no way she was going to let the chance to see the angels display their culture in a blatant manner pass by.


First, Gaige would need something to wear, as she had no party dresses that would supply her the amount of formality she required for this social gala. Walking at a brisk pace, she practically flew across the slums of the Aerie, making sure not to glance at the human slaves who glared at her in a creepy manner. She felt sorry for them, of course, as she was one of them in a past life, but she knew that staring would only make things more awkward. (not to mention it would draw unwanted suspicion and tension towards herself.) Passing a square, she glanced to her left, suddenly becoming enraptured by the powerful marble statue nearby. She knew that face as though it were printed on the back of her hand - she had studied it multiple times before coming to the Aerie. It was the archangel Michael, martyr of the angels' arrival to earth. His death had started all of this; the murders, the kidnappings, the apocalypse, the wasteland that was civilization. The death of one creature meant the death of many others. Holding back tension in the back of her eyes that felt like hot tears, Gaige continued on her merry-turned-somber way.

She entered a quaint-looking boutique, picked out a clearance marked dress that was floor-length, and tried it on behind a wooden screen that served as a changing station. It looked like it had come out of a museum. Gaige didn't mind though - she preferred the old to the new, the ancient to the modern. Although people would judge her, she wouldn't judge herself, and that was all that mattered in her strangely knit mind. After picking out a scaly-looking mask, she made her way over to the cashier - an older looking angel woman who had a jaunty smile plastered upon her freckled face. However, despite her artificial appearance, Gaige couldn't help but notice the way she glanced up and down, as if inspecting the redheaded woman's physique. Gaige cleared her throat, and then presented the items to the woman.

"Just this, please."
The angel gingerly inspected the dress and mask, pressing her gaze to Gaige's afterwards.
"That will be 200."
Gaige raised a brow, and checked the price tags once again.
"No, that's wrong... it should be 150. The dress is 100 exactly, and the mask..."
Suddenly, the woman tightly gripped Gaige's wrist, and leaned in closer, shooting daggers from her eyes.
"Look, I don't want to scare my customers away. I don't want to make a huge scene over this, either. You will pay 200, or I am going to have to ask you to leave."
Realizing what was happening and why the lady was charging her more for a dress that didn't belong to her kind, Gaige firmly nodded, trying to suppress the anger inside of her that might show upon her face. She payed the amount the lady charged her for, grabbed the items, and left.
"Have a great day." the woman said, her bright voice hiding traces of dark undertones.

After changing in her shed, Gaige made her way to the manor. It was brighter than she thought it would be. She had already attended two Aerie parties already, but clearly they did not compare to the spectacle of this one. She felt as though she were living in some sort of dream. Maybe it was more of a nightmare when putting reality into the picture, but the facade of it all made the situation seem otherwise. Everything was soft, metallic, edgy, spicy, loud...Gaige could see a plethora of words form on the inside of her forehead as she passed through the multitude of wings and elegant gowns. There was definitely a poem that would be written later tonight. She entered the elaborate building, making sure to keep a proper composure, as well as a small smile across her face. Faces flashed through her vision like the slowed-down reels of a movie. However, none of them were of interest. She was about ready to turn around and ask the nearest servant where the bar was located, until she finally saw someone who she recognized.

Although there was a gorgeous mask hiding a few of her facial features, Gaige knew she was staring at Amelia Jasper, the one and only. If Amelia was here, then the Resistance was here. If the Resistance was here, there would be an attack tonight.

Gaige wanted to draw her attention, but she couldn't make herself do anything other than stare. How would she have a conversation about the Resistance and the probable attack without drawing attention? She needed to know about Oliver, and what his orders were. In fact, she needed to know about her own orders, and what she was going to do next atop the Aerie.

So Gaige just stared, not moving at all. Because she remained petrified, a human servant carrying a tray of empty glasses bumped into her. From the collision, glass shattered onto the floor, and flew in every direction imaginable. Some tiny particles even penetrated through Gaige's wrist, but she was too busy being embarrassed by the situation to notice the fresh blood oozing from her forearm. If there was one thing she didn't want to do upon seeing Amelia, it was attract attention.

Now, every eye in the room was pointed in her direction.

The setting changes from earth to The Aerie


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She had no doubt that she would be joining her colleague at the bar later but for now she had some exploring to do. While Lucien may know the place inside and out, she didn't and it made her uncomfortable. Still, knowing where he was made things a little easier for her. She felt a bit less stressed. She finished off her wine and passed it to a waiter passing by before moving away from her hiding place. Navigating back to the first floor, she had every intention of exploring the grounds area and counting the attack dogs for planning a possible escape route. A much unwanted distraction came in the form of a loud crash and like all others, her gaze fell upon the source. Seeing Gaige stare at her made her stomach twist into knots. She had no disdain for the other female and actually enjoyed the few and far between stimulating conversations she had with her, as she seemed to be the only one who could understand her when she was babbling about tech. She was a bit envious that Gaige could study the Angels so closely, but at the same time she was glad it wasn't her.

Her jaw stiffened for a moment as her mind whiter with thoughts on what to do. She concluded that it would be best to walk away, feeling that giving the idea that they knew each other would make things worse. Tensely, she turned and continued on her way. It pained her to do so, knowing that people would be whispering about Gaige, knowing angels would sneer at the "clumsy" human. And her arm was cut. Amelia worried if she'd be okay. If they'd give her medical attention. She frowned and rounded a corner, her thoughts racing while she simultaneously surveyed the area, made mental notes, and planned an exit if needed. She hoped that no unnecessary suspicious would be aroused by the event and that none noticed the momentary gaze they held. While it would be written off by most as nothing, some simply wouldn't take that chance. She wouldn't be able to hold her own if faced with questions. She didn't do well under that sort of spotlight. Time and time again she failed interrogation practices with Oliver and Lucien. She cracked when faced with abuse. They'd abuse her, wouldn't they?

Her focus was lost and again she found herself stopping to lean against a wall. Maybe she was overreacting, over thinking it. She did that...