The Endless Flight.

The Endless Flight.


A giant space-ship battle between A reptilian race named Fluan and the Humans.

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In a man made voice named the "MK-4", A entirely new dimension was founded and became the Humans newest exploration. With the advancement in Ion engines, and FTL travel, Man created it's first Real Capital space ship, Named the "Ultimus". It was a massive, Clunky ship, Holding around 4000 people, 1539 of them being civilians of high class. All was well, Untill reptilian ships of unknown power obliterated the vessel in one large explosive blast. No-one survived. Not even the pre-launched Escape pods. The force of the blast nearly collapsed the entire rift, but with large effort, We finally got it stable enough to enter and exit once more. With the help of more advancements in the course of a decades time, In 2039, New shields, Engines, and weapons were created to make the "Ultimus-MKII". The newest prototype of the ship. To this day, it stands as the Capital "Floating City." Of MK-4. With the notice of the new void faintly see-able in broad daylight. Many new engineers and old, began making there own small vessels, and attempting to set off into the new dimension, Some making it, and some pummelling into the ground. Those who make it, Typically die within days. But there are the few who DO make it, the talented, unique men and woman who get all the way to the capital, and begin to really take hold of there new space exploring career. Will YOU be the next space exploring hero to help stop the Fluan?

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